A Bear With Flair     

I met a little bear, at the Oxford County Fair, and he gave me quite a scare, when he yelled, “You, who’s over there!”  

He was sitting on a stair, while loudly munching on a pear, and I was quickly quite aware, that he did not have so much hair. I carefully approached him, and I noticed in the air, that the smell got worse and worse, the closer that I was, to there.    

I narrowed down the odor, to a smell that I had noticed, in a recent February, on a visit to a dairy. A smell not ordinary, it was frightfully disgusting, but I tried to be polite, and so I started a discussion.    

Without embarrassment I said, “Mr. Bear, my name is Lou, and I’d like to know the very name, of whom I’m talking to.” He said, “You can call me Larry, or Harry, maybe Barry, I only ask that you do not, please, ever call me Mary.”    

“Yes indeed Sir,” I replied, “I know exactly what you mean, but cutting to the chase, why do you ask to talk to me?” He said, “Help me out young man, I am stuck here at this place, have you money you can spare, so that I can have bus fare?”    

“I have various commitments, lots of meetings everywhere, and I can’t fly on an airplane, no, not even on a dare.” My nose began to flinch, at the poor bear’s awful stench, and I thought “the poor, poor passengers,” his smell would make them retch.    

He would sit down right next to them, noses crying red alert, wond’ring what horrific wafting scent, up nostrils had just went. I tried to think of something, and my brain went on a tear, I came up, with a thought, that might just fix this sad affair.    

I said, “Barry, on a bus, a trip takes many a long hour, and your trip might be more comfy, if preceded with a shower.” He said, “Well, I have a problem, even though I like your thinking, I’ve a horrid skin condition, that keeps me from ever bathing.”    

I felt sorry for the bear, as I looked at all his mange, so I got way more creative, better transport to arrange. “Barry, buses are so awful, I hate to think of you in there, why not splurge and go a different way, and get some crisp fresh air?”    

“You’ll have scenery a-plenty, you can stretch and walk around, you’ll be ever so much merry, if you travel via ferry.” He said, “Lou, I think that’s brilliant, an idea so very rare, it will be a great adventure, a voyage with lots of flair.”