00001 – Core Knowledge K Unit 04

Pet Fun
Pet cat.
Pet dog.
Pet pig.
Pet hog.
Cat on mat.
Cat in fog.
Cat on mom.
Cat on dog.
Dog and vet.
Dad and vet.
Dad in van.
Dog in van.
Pig in pen.
Hog in pen.
Pig on hog.
Hog on pig.
00002 – Core Knowledge K Unit 05
Ox And Man
Ox ran and ran.
Jin ran at him,
But Ox ran on.
Kim had him,
But Ox ran on.
Min fed Ox,
And led him,
And sat on him.

00003 – Pattern-Builder Poems 0001
May Day
“On this May day,
Can we stay,
Out here to play?”
“I have to say,
Not this day.
You see.
It’s gray.
Rain’s on the way!”
00004 – Pattern-Builder Poems 0002
Is He Me?
Who’s he?
Is he me?
Could he be?
No, not me.
His hair is black.
Mine is red.
Can’t you see?
He’s not me.
So let me be!
00005 – Pattern-Builder Poems 0003
Ma And Pa
Fa, la, la!
I love my ma.
I love my pa.
La, la, la!
I love my mom.
I love my pop.
Tra, la, la.
My pa’s my dad,
My ma’s my mom,
They’re so much fun!
They tell great jokes!
Ha! Ha! Ha! Ha!
00006 – Poems And Rhymes 0001
See! See!
See! See!
What shall I see?
A horse,
With his head,
Where his tail,
Should be!

See a pin,
And pick it up,
All the day,
You’ll have good luck.
See a pin,
And let it lay,
Bad luck you’ll have,
All the day.
00007 – Pattern-Builder Poems 0004
My Tie
My name is Guy,
And here I lie,
On my bed,
I have to cry.
You see,
My friend,
I stained my tie!
Oh, why?
Oh, why?
Good-bye, tie.
It was the best tie,
I think I’ll die!
Oh, my!
Oh, my!
Now a new one,
I’ll have to buy.
00008 – Poems And Rhymes 0002
Bake-a-cake man!
Bake me a cake,
As fast as you can.
Pat it, and prick it,
And mark it with a “T,”
And put it in to bake,
For Tom, Jill, and me.
Star Light, Star Bright
Star light,
Star bright,
First star,
I see this night.
I wish I may,
I wish I might,
Have the wish,
I wish this night.
00009 – Poems And Rhymes 0003
Sea Frog
Here we sail,
So fast and free,
And the frog in the sea,
He can’t catch me!
The frog in the sea,
He can’t catch me!

00010 – Poems And Rhymes 0004
Mom Wind
Old Mom Wind,
Come this way.
Make our child,
Cool this day.
It Snows
It snows,
And it blows,
And it cuts off my nose.
So, pray,
Good friend,
Let me in.
I’ll light my pipe,
And warm my toes,
Then I’ll be gone,
As fast as I came in!

A Goat
A goat one day,
He felt so fine,
He ate ten shirts,
From off the line!
00012 – Poems And Rhymes 0006
On A Hunt, We Will Go
On a hunt,
We will go.
On a hunt,
We will go.
We’ll catch a fox,
Put him in a box,
And then we’ll let him go.
Here All We See
Here all we see,
Is Ann’s small nose.
A smile, two legs,
And ten pink toes.
Nice and neat,
In two short rows.
00013 – Poems And Rhymes 0007

The World
The world is big,
And I am small.
Our homes are wide and tall.
I run and turn and trip and fall!
I am so small!
I come and go.
I can not see.
I can not know.
I hope it won’t be each year, so.
Just Watch
Watch how high I jump.
Watch how high I hop.
Watch how long I skip.
Watch how fast I stop!
00014 – Poems And Rhymes 0008
To John-John,
A box is a house,
Or a car,
Or a ship,
Or a train,
Or a horse.
A stick is a sword,
Or a spear,
Or a cane.
And a carpet is magic,
Of course.
One, Two, Tie My Shoe
One, two,
Tie my shoe.
Three, four,
Shut the door.
Five, six,
Pick up sticks.
Seven, eight,
Lay them straight.
Nine, ten,
A big fat hen.
00015 – Poems And Rhymes 0009
I like to watch,
Ten ants at work,
When I am out at play.
I like to see them,
Run a lot,
And move the crumbs,
Some where.
And when I plug,
An ant hill door,
To keep them,
In their den,
I like to see them,
Find a way,
To get out side,
All ten.
00016 – Poems And Rhymes 0010

Fish Come Bite!
Fish come bite!
Fish come bite!
I have fished all day.
I’ll fish all night.
I sit in the rain,
In my small wet boat.
But not a fish,
Will bob my float.
Fish come bite!
Fish come bite!
Please! Please!
Fish come bite!


At Night
When night is dark,
My cat is wise.
To light the flood lights,
In his eyes.