Sarah is a seagull. She lives with her mom by the ocean in New York.  Every day, they fly over the waves, diving in to eat crabs and fish in the shallow water.  Sometimes people on the beach feed them a sandwich, or some potato chips.  And if they’re lucky, they might get treats like Twinkies! Food is easy to find, and they have plenty to eat.  At night, Sarah and her mother rest safely under the roof of a nearby building.  They’re warm and have a nice life.
But, one day, the weather changed.  It started to get colder and cloudy.  The small fish became harder to find.  Fewer people were visiting the beach.  So there were no more sandwiches and chips.  “It’s time to fly south for the winter,” said mom.  “Why?” asked Sarah.  “Because winter’s coming,” explained Sarah’s mom. “It’s getting too cold for us to live here.  There’s no food, and the weather will become too cold.”  “But this is our home,” said Sarah.  “Don’t worry,” said mom.  “We’ll come back when it’s warm, in the spring.  We’re birds.  We can change where we live and still be happy.  We can have more than one home.”
So they flew south until they were out of the cold, and back into warm weather.  They flew all the way to Florida.  There they found a new beach with waters filled with fish.  And there were lots of people happy to give them food.  Sarah’s mom found a new roof for them to sleep under.  “I like this new home,” said Sarah.  “It’s warm, and it’s a nice place too.”  “I told you it would be okay,” said Sarah’s mom.  “And when it gets warmer in New York, we’ll go back.  That is the nice part about being a bird.  We can fly to new places whenever we want.” Then Sarah and her mom sat down at the table to chow down on blue crabs. Sarah liked lemon and cocktail sauce, with lots of spicy horseradish, with her crab. Her mom preferred tartar sauce with lots of dill pickle.