First is the CrazyA, he lives on a train in the rain. CrazyA is missing either an arm or a head. He likes to give his cat a bath in a van. As you can see he changes all the time, alarming as that may be. Sometimes he’s tall or small. Other times he hangs out with other letters to melt arrows, make chairs, or pet a hairy bear. 


Then there’s the BusyB… she acts like a baby at the beach. She forgets to comb her hair and sometimes hoppity-hops like a rabbit. She rarely puts her blanket on her big bed and only eats bread from a box.


The CheesyC is a silly boy. He hits the ceiling when he goes to KFC and cries when there’s an emergency. He wears socks at soccer and puts bricks in his backpack. He even dances when he eats celery or lettuce. CheesyC puts chopsticks in his lunchbox when he goes to the ocean to meet up with ScrewyE and HardlyHeardH.


CloudyD is a lady who loves candy and windy days. She forgets to add and holds her breath on a bridge. She never hangs out with family, instead lays in bed eating bread on cloudy days.

ScrewyE is a favorite in the family. He loves seafood and plays the keyboard but acts like a monkey every Halloween. His eyes are different colors and when he’s with SlipperyR he can be a pearl or a pear, here or their.

FishyF is a chef at KFC where CheesyC hits the ceiling. He’s also the referee at CheesyC, ScrewyE, and SlipperyR’s soccer games. There FishyF is like a fat fly on the wall. But he forgets his coffee with his waffles and really likes buffalo.

GooeyG is like a genie. She grants wishes like wanting to go bungee jumping. She likes the number eight and hates gnats. She as big legs and everyone likes her for all the gifts she brings.

HardlyHeardH is a strange fellow. He never says his name and wears hats when he is eating hot ham. He hates the color white and the number eight but loves hanging out with friends. He laughs on benches watching dolphins and fish that bath in the ocean.

DiceyI has a lot of nicknames and pretends to be like his friends ScrewyE and CrazyA. DiceyI
can carry five bags of ice at once. He can herd big pigs or birds in the rain. He draws unicorns with a pencil. He views onions as gross but loves broccoli burritos. Sometimes he looks in the mirror and sees his hair then boils coins and when asked why he said he was questioning their cleanliness.


JoyfulJ’s best friend is Jake who’s a Bluejay. He jumps in jeans but keeps things simple.

SkatingK loves to skateboard and eat cake. She can’t tie a knot or crack her knuckles but loves her cousin CheesyC.

FlyingL keeps celery in her belt and carries around a bell. She’s got hulking legs and wishes she could fly but she’s too small to play ball.

WormyM’s words are empty so don’t trust. His arms are too big but his swimming strokes too small.

PlentyN is involved in a lot, he pens the number ten and hangs with the men. There are ants in his van but not on the tennis balls that sit outside under the sunny rays. He’s always arguing about English with anyone.

Yo-YoO is like DiceyI. They both button aprons but YoYoO is like Yoda and DiceyI is not. YoYoO carries hot pots a lot. He once got his foot caught on a hook and wearing strong boots he was not. On the board, he writes four with a fork. Once he helped DiceyI boil the coins with joy as if it were playing with toys. And one time he found a mouse in his shower eating a towel.

JumpingP and HardlyHeardH watch dolphins together happily while eating peaches. JumpingP bumps elephants and hippos, yippee.

QuakyQ only shows up to barbeques to square-dance.

SlipperyR is another popular girl in the group. She wears a scarf in the car and gives carrots to her parrots. She drums on the rug and sounds like a blender and the waiter will wonder what she’s up to. SlipperyR mingles with YoYoO, DiceyI, ScrewyE, CrazyA and the FunnyY. They eat berries here and warm corn there. They pour their spirit into hearing bears and they sit on chairs and figure out pure fire on the board.

SpideryS, she wears dresses and holds bags. She keeps her keys in the sugar so she’ll find them in a flash.

BattyT got her name for being a kooky cat. She drinks tea through her teeth and empties butter through a bottle. She hates to wear a watch and never buttons her coat but she is mad friends with HardlyHeardH and even gets along with DiceyI and FuzzyU. They like to question the temperature of toothpaste.

FuzzyU is a really popular dude. He has a unicorn in a cube. He plays the drums on a rug like the Hulk on a bus. Strangely, he eats turkey burgers and drinks from the faucet. He can do so much more, like gluing a flute full of putty and penguins to squirrels and quilts. Or he’ll pour four pure sugars in his mouth like a sugary spatula.

HeavyV is rarely heard except for at the ivy movie where they serve gravy. More often than not he is a vet in van that spins ovals in his hand.

WalkingW never says his name but watches water worm weakly or slowly in a bowl. He does eat stew with you know who. He sows cow towels and thinks they’re news.

BoxyX was texting in Texas when she was told to exit for axing six exes.

FunnyY has always been a strange guy, never knowing who he should be. Why he was always sunny like a bunny and cozy like a baby wrapped in yarn. He plays with Yo-YoO in his pyramid of a yard on a bicycle or a tricycle and cries when his eyes are dry. He’s just a boy with lots of toys and joys.

LazyZ has a fizzy spirit but is as lazy as can be. She eats pizza like a grizzly and is fuzzy on puzzles.