The PQ App can read to you at normal speed with a variety of colored highlights to guide your eye.   The PQ App can read to you at slower speeds and animate the PQs instead of highlighting   Though the PQ App can read to you, its main function is to help you read by yourself   Kids are conducted through a learning-to-read journey in which they experience a paragraph or longer stream of content being read to them. At designated locations in the text, the stream of reading to them is paused and they must use the   PQ popup to work out a word or words before the stream resumes. This allows us to conduct kids in a story that interests them and that builds dramatic tension that stops at just the right moments and requires them to work out words in order for the story to resume. Pedagogically this is ideal. The above demo uses awkwardly placed buttons. The near future system will use a single button and the system will stop the autoplaying when it reaches the words we want the kids to read. Once it stops the word we want the kids to read, it will blink until they click on it and go through the popup sequence for that word. Once they complete that, the autoplaying will resume.