How to Defeat 
the Icky, Filthy, Creepy, Slimy 
by Robert F. DeFinis, Ed.D 

How can you defeat a clever monster that you can’t see? It’s so itsy-bitsy tiny, but can move from you to me. 


The Corona Monster isn’t friendly; in fact, he’s downright mean. With pointy little red hands, and teeth so crooked and green. 


They say the Corona Monster is something we should fear. It can climb deep inside of us, and the symptoms can be quite severe. 


A fever, a cough, and sneeze can be such a scary thought. The good news is we can beat the monster, with something we’ve
all been taught. 


Step one is such a simple thing, we do it all the time. Wash our hands with soap and water to remove all of the grime. 


Step two requires practice, and some good healthy manners. Don’t forget to cover your cough and sneeze, so we don't harm bystanders. 


Step three may be toughest, because it requires a little persistence. We need to create some additional space, and we call it
social distance. 


There are other things that we can do to help us stop this beast. Stay at home, don’t touch your face, and soon it will all decrease. 
Don’t touch your face 


The monster may seem scary now, and it’s true we should have concern. That's why we need to be smart and strong, to ensure it won’t return.  


Will you help me fight the Corona Monster by following each step? Doing so will keep you safe and it send it back to where it crept.  


See what happens when we do our part? The monster runs away. Today might seem a little tough, but tomorrow we’ll be okay. 


Now that things are calm, we can’t forget our helper. The doctor, nurse, and first responder that made our lives all better. 


It’s fun to play outside again and hug our family and friends. Enjoying the life we missed so much and making sure it never ends. 


For now the monster hides away, hopefully never to be seen. But it’s okay if he comes back, because we’ll defeat him as a team!  



Message from the Author

Message from the Author

Message from Learning Stewards

How do we explain frightening things we can't see to our children? How do we provide them some normalcy in times of uncertainty? What do What do you do as a parent when you can't answer your child's questions because you don't have all the answers?

It's in our nature to search for answers, it's also in our nature to stress over things we can't find answers to, The COVID-19 pandemic has certainly challenged us in a way that most have never experienced, I'm here to tell you that's perfectly normal. Challenges build resilience, test our resolve, and allow for other opportunities to take shape, some of which you probably never would've imagined, I guess what I'm trying to say're doing great!

"How to Defeat the Icky, Filthy, Creepy, Slimy CORONA MONSTER" came to me as I was deciding how to explain the situation to my daughter, Like you, I had more questions than answers, but a four-year-old doesn't have time for our questions... they have plenty of their own! So naturally, I decided to make this all part of her 'Superhero" training! Yes, you read that correctly. Believe it or not, children are SUPERHEROES in training. They are just waiting to discover their natural superpower to share with the world. Remember when I said challenges can also present opportunities? That's exactly how I want Penelope to see this new world we are experiencing! She will be called upon to do her part in defeating that "icky. filthy, creepy, slimy CORONA MONSTER" so she can earn her cape!

Is your child ready for their mission?

Thank you and stay safe out there!

Dr. D

We couldn't agree more with the good doctor's take on kids as superheroes in training! We exist to help teachers and parents and kids learn that their greatest superpower - the ability that makes all other abilities super - is learning!

We want to thank Dr. D for the wonderful and timely book and for making it freely available to be enhanced into a Magic Ladder Picture book. We also wish to thank "Free Kids Books" for collecting and making available so many great Free Books!


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