Retold by Rosie McCormick,
       Illustrated by Gail Mcintosh
One day, a little old woman
decided to make a delicious
gingerbread man cookie.



She put the cookie dough
on a cookie sheet and baked
it in the oven. To her surprise,
when she opened the oven,
the Gingerbread Man jumped


The Gingerbread Man ran
out of the house. The little old
woman and her husband ran as
fast as they could, but they
could not catch the
Gingerbread Man.


A cow grazing in a field sniffed
the air. The smell of ginger made
the cow want to eat the Gingerbread
Man. The cow could not catch the
Gingerbread Man either.


A cat sleeping in the warm
sunshine thought that the
Gingerbread Man would make
a tasty treat. Not even the cat
could catch the Gingerbread Man.


The fox pretended that he was not
hungry and therefore did not want
to catch the Gingerbread Man.


The clever fox said that he would be
happy to help the Gingerbread Man
cross the river.


Moments later the fox said,
“Now you should ride on my nose.”
As they were crossing
the river, the fox said,
“The water is getting
deeper. You should ride
on my head.”


Before the Gingerbread Man
could even say, “Thank you for
your kindness,” the fox ate him—
every last bite.


Chomp! Smack! The
clever fox licked his lips
as he crossed to the
other side of the river.


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