Retold by Rosie McCormick,
       Illustrated by Gail Mcintosh
The Little
Red Hen
There once was a little red hen
who lived with her friends on a farm.
She was not a lazy hen. She worked
harder than all of the other animals.


The Little Red Hen wanted to plant
some grains of wheat. She asked for
help, but her friends refused.
So she planted
the grains herself.


In the summertime, the wonderful
golden wheat was ready to be harvested.
Once again, with no one to help her, the
Little Red Hen did all the work.



The Little Red Hen
had to grind the wheat
into flour.
As usual, her friends did not want to
do any hard work. So the Little Red
Hen ground the flour herself.


The Little Red Hen used the flour
to make bread dough. With no
one to help her, she kneaded
the dough all by herself.


The Little Red Hen’s friends had
completely abandoned her. So she
baked the bread all by herself.
When the smell of freshly baked bread
rose up into the air, the Little Red Hen’s
friends appeared.


They were willing to help eat the bread,
but the Little Red Hen ate it all by herself.
She had done all the work!


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