REAL NAME: Peter Parker !

BIRTHPLACE: Forest Hills, Queens, New York !

Amazing Fantasy #15 (1962)!

Season 1, Episode 1 (Marvel's Ultimate Spider-Man)!

BIO: With ominous new threats gathering across time and space, the Ultimate Spider-Man needed some new web-powered allies. Enter the Web-Warriors! This spider-themed group of alternate universe heroes and unlikely crime fighters joined Spidey to help him take on the bad guys!

SPECIAL ABILITIES: Spidey brings an amazing combination of brain and spider-brawn to any occasion. His enhanced web-slingers allow him to swing from building to building with great speed and agility. Backed up by incredible SHIELD tech and gadgets like the speedy Spider-Cycle, Peter Parker has become the Ultimate Spider-Man!

REAL NAME: Petra Parker !

BIRTHPLACE: Parallel reality,
Forest Hills, Queens, New York !

What If (Vol. 2) #105 (1998)!

Season 3, Episode 9 (Marvel's Ultimate Spider-Man)!

BIO: Genders are reversed in the alternate world where Petra Parker fights super villains as the Spectacular Spider-Girl. Under the leadership of SHIELD. Director Nicole Fury, she battles evil threats like Mademoiselle Batroc, Miss Kraven, Doctor Lady-Ock, and her most dangerous foe of all - Norma Osborn A.K.A Goblin!

SPECIAL ABILITIES:Just like the Ultimate Spider-Man from our world, Petra has amazing wall-crawling and web-slinging abilities along with enhanced strength, speed and agility.


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