The School Play:  
    Episode 7: The Play  

Jacob: “I thought I was scared at auditions. The play is about to start. I’ve never felt this scared!”    


Jessie: “We have practiced and practiced and now we are ready. It will be fun, just like in rehearsals.”     


Jacob: “What if I fall? What if I mess up my lines?” What if I am no good?”  

Jessie: “Breathe. Everything is going to be okay. If you fall, I will pretend its part of the play. If you mess up, you will be like everyone else. But you will be good. You are ready. Like the Lion’s courage, you just keep trying.   


As the curtain closed and the play was over, Jessie and Jacob began to hear people clapping. Their teacher told them how proud she was. Their parents told them how great they were. It felt great.    


Jacob turned to Jessie, “What should we do next?”     

1. When the play was about to start, Jacob felt:   
    a) really scared 
    b) like he was going to do great 
    c) like he wanted to go home 


2. Jessie told him that: 
    a) she was scared too   
    b) that she would be better than he was 
c) that everything would be okay 

3. When the play was over, everyone: 
    a) clapped 
    b) made fun of them 
    c) ignored them 

4. In the end, we see that:  
    a) Jessie and Jacob aren’t really friends 
    b) Jessie and Jacob have become friends 
    c) Jessie and Jacob never talk to each other again