Busy Bear

By: Douglas J. Alford


Personal business profits are a way out of poverty.


Brel Bear is busy. She works in a clothes shop.


She works for the shop owner. Brel does not get paid very much.



Brel wants to open her own shop. She knows it is hard work but she wants to be her own boss.


Brel walks home in the rain. Brel thinks, what should I sell?


Brel picks a large leaf. She uses it to keep the rain off of her face.


Other people walking by ask, “Where can we buy leaves to keep the rain off our faces too?”


Brel has an idea!



She works and works to get the shop ready.

She opens a shop to sell rain leaves.

Business is good. Brel sells lots of leaves.



One day, Brel hears customers complain.

“The leaf quickly sags! I do not like buying new leaves for every rainstorm.”

“I would like to fold it and put in it my purse when the rain stops.”

“The leaves are only green! They totally do not go with my colorful clothes.”

Brel has more ideas.


She designs something new.


She builds a factory to make her new product.


She needs a name for the new, “ rain keeper off-er.’


Brel asks, Um – Um! What should I name this? How about naming it the Brel’s Folding Rain Protector?
No, too long. Um, um.
I know! I will name it… an um-Brel-la!

Brel sells lots of umbrellas in the rainy season! Customers like that the new umbrellas fold, do not sag and come in many bright colors.

Brel thinks what should I sell when the rain stops.


Brel makes ‘sun-brellas’ to sell in the summer too. They keep the hot sun off customers’ faces.


Brel opens more shops to sell umbrellas and sun-brellas and accessories too!


Brel smiles. With hard work, the business is a success.

It has come a long way from that first rainstorm.

Special thanks to Douglas J. Alford for providing us this wonderful book.

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