TO PLAY

Girls and boys, come out to play, the moon is shining, as bright as day. Leave your supper, and leave your sleep, and come with your playmates, into the street.  

Come with a whoop, come with a call, come in a good mood, or not at all. Up the ladder, and down the wall, a couple of dimes, will serve us all.  

You find milk, and I’ll find flour, and we’ll have some pudding, in half an hour.  

1. When were the children going to play?  
  a) in the morning 
  b) in the afternoon 

c) in the evening 

2. Where are the children going to play?  
  a) at school 
  b) in the street 
  c) at the playground 


3. At the end of the poem, what do the children want to make? 
  a) pudding 
  b) cake 
  c) candy