Dart: the Imperfect Robot

Dart is a robot. Dart helps kids at school.



At school, Dart answers questions when the teacher is busy. 


One day Dart knocked over the teacher’s flower pot. There was dirt everywhere.


Dart felt shame. Dart had failed at helping people. Dart wanted to be turned off.


The kids disagreed. 

Everyone makes mistakes they said. Even robots.  

Dart continued to help the kids. Dart realized no one’s perfect.




1) What did Dart do at school? 
  Dart was a teacher 
  Helped answer questions 
  Dart was a student 


2) How did Dart feel when he knocked over the flower pot? 
  He was afraid the flower would die. 
   He cried. 
   He felt shame. 


 3) The kids at the school helped Dart to understand that: 
  You should never knock over the teacher’s flower pot 
  No one is perfect 
  He was a silly robot