Timmy’s Perfect Dinner 

Timmy loves food. 


Timmy loves frozen custard



Timmy loves fish with tartar sauce.


Timmy loves fire-baked pizza with green pepper and turkey sausage on it. 


Timmy loves a burger with lots of mustard.


For tonight, Timmy had the perfect dinner in mind.



He wanted a chicken finger dinner with french fries.



Timmy saw something green colored. Broccoli?


Why was Timmy’s mom cooking broccoli?


Then Timmy saw something red in color. An apple?


Why was Timmy’s mom cutting an apple?



Timmy’s mom started cooking the chicken finger and french fry supper.



Timmy’s dinner had chicken fingers and french fries. It had broccoli, apples, and a buttered roll, too.


Was Timmy upset?


No, because he ate what he wanted, and what he needed, too.


Timmy was so happy.


1) We know that Timmy: 
  liked to eat the same dinner every night 
  liked lots of different foods 
  did not like vegetables 


2) Timmy thought a perfect dinner was: 
  a hotdog 

  chicken fingers and french fries