Maddie and the Doctor

One day, Maddie felt ill.


Maddie had a fever.


So Maddie’s mom got thermometer to check Maddie’s temperature.

Maddie’s mother said her fever was one hundred and two.

Maddie’s mother called the doctor. The doctor said, “Bring Maddie to me.”


Maddie’s mother wanted Maddie to see the doctor, but Maddie was scared.

Maddie’s mother said, “He will make you better.”


And Mother knows best.

The doctor was not scary. The doctor gave Maddie medicine. 

Maddie felt better. 

“I won’t be scared of the doctor ever again!” 


1) How did mom know that Maddie was sick? 
  Mom felt Maddie’s forehead 
  Maddie threw up 
  Maddie had a fever 


2) Why did Mom take Maddie to see the doctor? 
  Because it was silly to be scared. 
  The doctor would help Maddie feel better. 
  Maddie wanted to go see the doctor. 

3) Maddie felt better after the doctor: 
  gave her a shot. 
  took her temperature. 
   gave Maddie some medicine.