A Fairy Tale 

Once upon a time, in a beautiful place across the ocean, there lived a little girl named Aisha.  Aisha and her brother Deon lived with their mom and dad, at the edge of a forest.  


One day, Aisha and Deon went for a walk in the forest.  They stopped to look at a beautiful flower.  It had soft purple petals, and it looked as if there was a pearl in the center. 


As they looked, they heard a tiny sound, the sound of someone crying.  They knew that flowers didn’t cry, so they looked very closely.  There, under the leaves of the flower, all alone, was a tiny little girl no more than three inches tall.  She was very pretty. Because she had tiny pointed ears, they knew that she was an elf. How wonderful 

“Why are you so sad?” Aisha asked. The little elf said, “I heard people walk by here yesterday, and they said that they were going to clear out the forest to build roads.  If they do that, none of the elves in this forest will have a place to live.”  

Aisha and Deon thought about this for a minute.  Then Deon said, “I know what we can do. Let’s carefully dig up all of the flowers that are elf homes and plant them by our house.  We can put a little fence around them so that they will grow, and all of the elves will have a safe place to live.  

When they looked at the little elf girl, she was smiling.  “I think that is a very good idea.  I will tell all of my friends to get ready to move.”  


The next day Aisha and Deon came back with a little wagon.  They carefully dug up all the flowers that the little elf girl pointed to.  Then they took the flowers back to their house and planted them.


That night, when they looked out their windows, they could see tiny lights moving among the flowers.  They knew that all the elves had found their way to their new home.  


1) What did Aisha and Deon hear when they stopped to look at the purple flower in the forest? 

  The wind in the trees 
  Birds chirping 
  The sound of someone crying 


2) Why was the elf girl sad? 

  The elves were going to lose their homes. 
  She was scared of Aisha and Deon. 
  She wished she was bigger. 


3) Why did Aisha and Deon move the flowers to their home? 

  To give to their mother 
  To give all the elves a safe place to live 
  To sell them