Gertrude and Toby’s 
Friday Adventure
An Excerpt

By: Shari Tharp



Gertrude is a young goat who lives at McFarland Farms. Her best friend is a tortoise named Toby. Toby is not the usual farm animal, but then again, neither is Gertrude . . .       

Gertrude had never been satisfied with standing in the pasture and slowly eating her meals while life passed her by.   

One day, she met Toby. She and Toby both loved to explore, and they became fast friends.  
Every day they would find something new to do, and Fridays were saved for their biggest adventures.  
On Fridays, Farmer Sam went shopping in town. That gave Gertrude and Toby plenty of time to sneak off the farm. 

One Friday evening, Gertrude and Toby watched while Farmer Sam unloaded his supplies. His son Ryan sat on the old tree stump, eating his goodies and treats.   

Gertrude looked at Toby. “Are you thinking what I’m thinking?”  
“Indeed! Ryan is going to get a stomachache from all that candy.”   
“Behhh! No,” said Gertrude, “let’s go to Hay Bale Market and get us some of those treats.”  

Toby agreed, and the very next Friday they put their plan into action.   


Special thanks to Shari Tharp for providing us this excerpt from her wonderful book.

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