The Story of Jill and Jake’s Friendship

Jill wanted to talk to Jake, but Jake was too shy.


So Jill offered to show him how to swing.


Jake liked to swing. But his swing didn’t move.


Then Jill showed Jake what to do.

And Jake swung really high and even higher.


Jake wanted to teach Jill. Jake asked what Jill could not do.

She could not climb monkey bars. So Jake showed her what to do.  

Jake was no longer shy.

No one knows everything. But a friend can help you learn.



multiple: Letter Name
listen: Letter Name
J a k e
listen: Letter Name
S o
listen: Letter Name
H i g h
listen: Letter Name
C l i m b
listen: Letter Name
N o
listen: Letter Name
Y o u



At the beginning of the story, why didn’t Jake talk to Jill? 
  Jake did not like Jill 
  Jake was very shy 
  Jill did not like Jake 

Where were Jake and Jill? 
   in the classroom 
   at the beach 
   at the playground 

How do you know that Jake and Jill became friends? 
   they ate lunch together 
   they helped each other 
   Jake helped Jill with her homework