Four Simple Tips to Help You Land A Great Job  

Whether you’re just graduating and entering the job market for the first time, or you’re changing careers, searching for a job is never easy. In today’s high-tech society, many potential employers are turning to social media to learn more about you.  

“Before you even walk through the door for your first interview, it is highly likely that the person waiting on the other side has seen more than just your resume,” says Lauren Berger, CEO of “The way you present yourself online speaks volumes to hiring managers about your tech savvy and comfort level with social media, both critical skills demanded by virtually every employer.”  


With technology playing an established role in our lives, and social networks easily accessible to potential employers, establishing a strong “digital footprint” and personal brand is crucial to success. So how can you use technology to land that first job and make the best first impression?  

Here are some top tech tools and social media tips for landing your dream job:  


1 – Get organized. While it may seem like a minor detail, one of the first things you should do is get a professional email address. The college email or cutesy address you created back in high school won’t impress a job recruiter.  

2 – Leverage your networks and set informational interviews. Make a target list of employers you’d like to work for, and do some research about them using sites like LinkedIn, identifying one person from each company whom you’d like to meet. Reach out to that person, and explain that you’re really interested in the company and what his or her department does. Then ask if he or she will take five minutes to sit down and tell you how he or she got started and give you some advice.  

3 – Put your best “digital foot” forward. You have one chance to make a first impression, so make sure it’s a good one. This means not only dressing professionally but also using your style (both online and off) to demonstrate your personal interests. Building your personal brand and establishing relationships within the industry will help open doors to opportunities you may not have discovered otherwise. Make sure that your online presence is up-to-date and also reflects your best attributes. This includes maintaining a consistent resume and work experience information across your networks to build familiarity among possible recruiters.  

4 – Lead with your strengths. Ask your friends and previous employers what your strengths are, and use specific examples during your interview to highlight them. You can also use this opportunity to demonstrate your experience with technology. If you are consistently told how well organized you are, share a previous work experience that demonstrates how you used technology, and what value this brings to the employer. If you have a laptop or a tablet computer, consider bringing it to the interview to show off your portfolio of work. This instantly demonstrates that you’re on the cutting edge of new technology, a value for any employer.


These seemingly simple tips can help you stand out from the crowd and boost your chances of finding that great job.  


Question 1: Of the four choices below, which skills does the author emphasize as being important to potential employers? Click the button for the choice you think is correct.  


  Leadership and the ability to resolve conflict.  

  Digital literacy and expertise with Internet communications.  

  Loyalty and a strong work ethic.  

  Creativity and knowledge of computer hardware.  


Question 2: Based on the passage, which of the following statements would the author most likely make when advising someone who was recently laid off and is in the process of applying for jobs?  


  Update your career wardrobe and hire a professional to revise your resume.  

  Consider getting retrained in a field that is growing in career opportunities.  

  Evaluate how your job qualifications can be demonstrated through the use of technology.  

  Schedule as many informational interviews as you can at each company you are interested in, and attend a weekly job-support group.