Goldie And The
      Three Bears



Once upon a time, there were three bears. Dad was named Clay. Mom was Kay. Baby was Jay. 

One day, Kay Bear made hot honey and spicy pear soup. She poured it into three bowls.

 One bowl was big, one was small, and one was in the middle.


The soup was way too hot to eat right away. So the bears went for a short walk in the woods.

 The soup would be warm, not hot, when they came back from their hike.


Near their house, there was a girl named Goldie. She lived in the town by the woods.

 She was on a walk in the woods too. She went up to the Bears’ house. 

She knocked on the door. No one was there, and she went right in.

 She saw the soup on the table. It smelled really good to her.


She took a taste of the soup. The soup in the big bowl was too hot. From the middle bowl, the soup was too cold

But from the small bowl, the soup was just right. She ate it all! “Yummy!” she said.


Goldie had a book about a princess with her. She wanted to sit down and read it for a little while

She tried out Clay’s chair first. It was too tall. Then she tried Kay’s chair. It was too wide. 

It turns out that Jay’s little chair was just right.


But, CRASH! The chair broke into pieces when she sat in it. Goldie fell hard to the floor. “Ooops!” she cried.


Now Goldie was sleepy. She said, “I think I will lie down.” Up the stairs she went. 

 She opened a door. There was one big bedroom with three beds in it.

The big bed was too hard for her. The middle bed was too soft for her.

 But the small bed was just right. Goldie fell right to sleep, on the small bed. She snored.


About that time, Clay, Kay, and Jay Bear came back to their house.

 Some of the soup was gone from Clay’s and Kay’s bowls. Jay yelled, “There is no soup in my bowl!”


Clay’s and Kay’s chairs had been moved. Jay screamed, “My chair has fallen apart!” The Bear family was hopping mad now.


Up the stairs they went. Clay and Kay found the blankets on their beds all messed up.

 Then they all turned around. Jay shouted, “Ahhh! There’s a person in my bed!”


Clay looked at the girl. He had seen her before. He knew who she was!

 He barked to Kay and Jay Bear, “RUN! Get out of the house and hide!”


Goldie’s father was a very famous bear trainer at the circus.

 Clay Bear did not want Goldie to know that bears lived in this house. The circus people might try to capture them.


So they hid behind some big trees next to their home. Goldie finally left about an hour later.

 Now the bears were safe. And, lucky for them, they never saw Goldie again!




1) The bears went for a walk in the forest because: 
  a) it was a beautiful day
  b) their soup was too cold

  c) their soup was too hot

2) Where did Goldie go when she walked in the woods? 
  a) to swim in the river
  b) to the Bearshouse
  c) to a campground

3) Goldie ate all the soup from the small bowl because: 

  a) the temperature of the soup was just
  b) it was very spicy
  c) because she liked very hot soup

4) What happened when Goldie sat in Jay’s chair? 
  a) it was too soft
  b) the Bears’ came home
it broke into pieces

5) Where was Goldie when the Bears’ came home? 
  a) sleeping in the bed
  b) sitting in the chair
  c) eating the soup at the table

6) Why did the Bear family run and hide when they saw who Goldie was? 
  a) she was mean to bears
  b) they were scared of people
her father was a bear trainer at the circus.