The Hawk-Devil

  Episode Seven: High And Free

The squirrels and Jays had won, this time. But would other enemies come to them? At least they had learned important lessons.

They would never again rest too easily. They would always watch out. Yes, they would enjoy their lives. There would be parties. There would be holidays.

But they knew now, that the world had bad things in it. And they would try to make it, so that good, always wins over bad.

I, Jane of the Jays, tell you this story for a reason. I now have my own children. I have taught them to fly. Just like my mother taught me.

And I want them to be free, in the sky. “Fly as high as you can,” I tell them. And they are such beautiful children.

It is their right to fly as high as they want. And to fly faster than the wind. And to turn as quickly as Lightning Fairies.

Bless all of the children. In all of the animal-families.


1) One lesson the squirrels and Jays learned is 
  a) the world had bad things in it

  b) they never had to worry about anything again
  c) how to be mean to other animals

2) Why does Jane of the Jays tell this story? 
  a) She has children of her own
  b) Jays and squirrels love to listen to stories
  c) She wanted to scare the other Jays

3) Jane says her children have a right to…  
  a) thrown acorns at other animals
  b) be scared all the time
fly as high and fast as they want