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The Online Learning Support Net, OLSN (pronounced Olsen), provides on-demand support and guidance for online learning. Click here to learn more about OLSN, including how to use it and how to add it to your Chrome browser. Visit the “Magic Ladder Library” to access a curated collection of eBooks and learning to read resources all with OLSN built-in.  


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OLSN Quick Reference Guide:




1 – The OLSN Pop-Up remains active for the text displayed in the Dictionary, Thesaurus, and Roots tabs of the Reference Panel. Click on any word in those tabs to have OLSN help you with decoding, pronunciation, and word recognition. Click on OLSN’s Word Explore button to explore available references and translations. 

2 – Click on the gray triangle next to the Translator button for a menu of available languages. 

3 – The WordScope button opens a tool for learning deeper into how letters make word-sounds. Click for more information on WordScope. 

Word Origins


Click for Detailed OLSN Instructions




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Learning Stewards

Children of the Code

The Magic Ladder Library

OLSN is based on the research of the Children of the Code Project and is provided by Learning Stewards. For background information on the design of OLSN and the Magic Ladder Library click here.