Reference Panel

The Magic Ladder is a reading instruction and support system. See “About” for more information on the Magic Ladder, how to use it, how to add it to your browser, and/or how to embed it in your website



1 – The PQ Pop-Up remains active for the text displayed in the  Dictionary,  Thesaurus, and  Word Origins tabs of the Reference Panel. Click on any word in those tabs to have the PQ Pop-Up help you with decoding, pronunciation, and word recognition. Click on the Word Explore  button in the Pop-Up to see that word’s reference panel results. 

2 – Click on the gray triangle next to the Translator button for a menu of available languages. 

3 – The WordScope  button opens a tool for playing with the sounds and letters within words. Click for more information on WordScope. 

Word Origins

The Magic Ladder is based on the research conducted by the Children of the Code Project and is an expression of the mission of Learning Stewards. For a background article on the design of the Magic Ladder click here.