How Come? 
Episode 7: Coloring

Peter and mom were coloring.  

Peter asked, “How come you drew the front of the car square?!”  



Peter’s mom told Peter that you don’t have to draw things as they are.   


Peter laughed: Yeah, Elephants don’t really surf and penguins don’t really paint.  



Peter’s mom said “Yep! They look pretty silly!”  


Peter asked, “How come most people draw things like they really are?”  

Peter’s mom said maybe they think it’s the only way or that they’re supposed to.  


Peter drew a cat with wings. They both laughed.  


1. Does Peter always draw things the way they really are?  
    a) yes 
    b) no 


2. What did Peter draw? 
    a) a cat with wings 
    b) a dog driving a car