OLD MOTHER HUBBARD (Modernized)      

Old Mother Hubbard, 
Went to the cupboard, To give her poor dog a bone; But when she got there, The cupboard was bare, And so the poor dog had none.

She went to a farmer, To buy him some meats; When she came back, The dog wanted sweets.

She went to the drug store, 
To buy him some candy; When she got back,

The dog said, “that’s dandy.”

She took a clean dish, To get him something ripe; When she came back, He was smoking a pipe.

She went to the grocers, To get him a pear; When she came back, The dog sat in a chair.

She went to the baker, For a big loaf of bread; When she came back, The dog stood on his head.

She went to the clothes store, To buy him a hat; When she came back, He was feeding the cat.

She went to the barber’s, To buy him a wig; When she came back, He was dancing a jig.

She went to the market, To buy him some fruit; When she came back, He was playing the flute.

She went to the tailor’s, To buy him a coat; When she came back, He was riding a goat.

She went to the shoe store, To buy him some shoes; When she came back, He was reading the news.

She went to the seamstress, To buy him some linen; When she came back, The dog was a-spinning.

She went to the florist, To buy him a rose; When she came back, He was dressed in his clothes.

The lady did curtsy, The dog gave a bow; She said, “Your servant,” The dog said, “Bow-wow.”