THE ABCs of PQs – Part 1


Letters can be strange. They can make different sounds depending on how they are used in words. This can be very confusing. Knowing which of the possible sounds a letter is actually making (in a word you are trying to read) can be very difficult. 


Look and listen to the way the letter “A”, sounds in these words:


Cake    Boat    Dad    Soda    Ball    Said


Now look and listen to see how different the letter “A” looks when we turn on the PQs:


Cake    Boat    Dad    Soda    Ball    Said

Once you learn to recognize the different hints the PQs are giving you, they will help you recognize words much easier. 



The first and easiest PQ is the one that tells you when a letter is making it’s letter-name sound.  When letters make their letter-name sounds PQs always makes them bold.  Watch and listen to the words below. See how every letter you hear making it’s letter-name is bold


  Ape Baby Icy Lady Easy Left Gene High Jay Skate Bell Gem Ten Boat Bumpy Barbeque Car Dress Infinity Excuse Envy Exact Why Zebra


This is just plain text without audio block. But we will indent this also to see if the problem happens here. If not, then it’s telling us something.


Now this one is also an indented paragraph. I will make this into an audio block and see if the problem happens here also. If not, it could be something else.


 Always remember, if a letter is bold, it’s always making its letter-name sound.

Now look at the following words. Which ones have letters that make their letter-name sounds? 

He ate so many tasty pies,
he feels like he might puke!

Click on the words to find out if you are right.


Next up: Part 2 Silent Letters