This is sentence 1.
 And another sentence.
It was Halloween and almost dark. I knew the trick-or-treaters would be here soon.
  Since I was almost twelve, I decided to stay home this year and give out candy while Mom and Dad took my little brother and sister out to trick-or-treat. I liked to see the kids in their costumes and try to guess who they were. My friends next door wore the same costumes every year, so I knew I would recognize them. Ten year old Jessie was always a ghost, and his twin brother, Joey, was always a vampire. Their little sister, Ava, who was eight, always dressed like a witch.   As the evening went by, I saw lots of kids I knew, but I was about to give up on seeing my friends. Oh well, it was late and I was almost out of candy. Mom and Dad had come home over an hour ago. They put my brother and sister to bed and then went into the den to watch T.V. I went to the front door to turn off the front porch light.   When I flicked off the light switch, it was very dark out and the streets looked deserted. Suddenly, as if by magic, my friends from next door were standing on the porch, Jessie the ghost, Joey the vampire, and Ava the witch. I started to turn on the porch light again, but something told me not to. I felt kind of worried, but I didn’t know why. “This is silly,” I told myself, “these are my best friends.” I said “Hi,” to them and “Happy Halloween,” but they said nothing. Not even, “Trick-or-Treat.”   Was it my imagination or did they all look kind of different tonight as they stood on the dark porch. Kind of bigger and scarier……   I couldn’t see Jessie’s feet under his ghost outfit. He really seemed to be floating above the ground. “Awesome trick,” I told him. Jessie said nothing. Joey just stared at me. HIs fake vampire teeth looked awfully real, very long and white and pointed. HIs normally blue eyes looked red, like bat’s eyes. And his long cape fluttered around him even though there was no breeze. There was even blood on the collar of his shirt. “Great fake blood,” I said with a nervous laugh. “Nice touch.” Joey did not say a word but he took a step closer to me, staring at my neck. He seemed awfully tall all of a sudden.   Ava the witch seemed to be laughing at me, a strange expression on her normally sweet face. She held a big, black, mean looking cat with yellow eyes, who was watching me as closely as Joey was. The cat looked as if it wanted to jump out of Ava’s arms and attack me. This was really weird because I knew that Ava was allergic to cats.   I was starting to get really jumpy! What was going on here? Suddenly, Mom and Dad came up behind me. “Time to turn out the lights and shut the door. It’s late and there don’t seem to be any more trick-or-treaters.” “But…..,” I said said, turning to look at them, didn’t they see the three on the front porch? As I turned back, I saw that the porch was empty and there was no one in sight. How could all three of them have disappeared so quickly? As I looked out, I saw a bat fluttering around the streetlamp. A white cloud appeared to float down the street. And as a full moon appeared from behind the dark clouds, I would clearly see the outline of a witch flying on a broom with her cat.   I quickly slammed the front door shut and locked it. I went to bed, but didn’t get much sleep. There must be some explanation for what had happened on the front porch.