The Lion and the Mouse   



A long time ago, a big lion was sleeping. A small mouse ran on top of the lion’s face. This woke the lion up. And it made the lion very mad! He took the mouse up in his paw. He was going to eat the mouse.


But the mouse said, “Please let me live. I will thank you and help you one day. I promise!”


The lion was amazed at the mouse’s bold words, and he said, “That’s just too funny to believe.” So then he laughed and let the mouse go. The mouse called back, “Thank you for my freedom! You’ll see that you did the right thing!”


But five days later, some hunters got the lion in one of their traps. They were going to send him to a zoo. The lion could not get out. The ropes of the trap were very thick. The lion was very mad. And he felt scared and alone.


He gave out a loud roar. The mouse was far away. But the lion’s roar was so loud that he heard it. He ran for an hour to find the lion. When he finally got to the trap, he chewed on the rope for a long time. The rope broke and made a hole for the lion to get out. The mouse set the lion free, just like the lion had set the mouse free.


The mouse said, “You thought it was impossible for a little mouse like me to help you. But I knew that I would be true to my word. So now you know that even a small mouse can help a big lion!”


What we learn from this story is that no one is too weak to do a good thing.




1) When the mouse ran across the lion’s face, the lion 
  a) woke up and ate the mouse 
  b) went back to sleep 
woke up and was angry 

2) Why did the lion think the that what the mouse said was funny?  
the lion knew he would never need help from anyone 
  b) the lion was getting ready to move to another jungle 
  c) the lion thought that a tiny mouse would never be able to help him 

3) What happened to the lion? 
) he got caught in a trap 
he made friends with a lot of other lions 
  c) he went to live with some people as a pet 

4) How did the mouse know that the lion needed help?  
he saw the lion get caught in the trap 
  b) another mouse told him that the lion was in trouble 
  c) he could hear the lion’s roar 

5) How did the mouse help the lion?  
  a) he told the trappers to release the lion 
  b) he chewed through the ropes that trapped the lion 
  c) the mouse was not able to help the lion 

6) What did the trappers want to do with the lion?  
  a) have him as a pet 
  b) put him in a circus 
  c) put him in a zoo 

7) From this story we learn… 
  a) don’t get caught in traps 
  b) even someone small and weak can help someone else 
  c) all mice like to help lions