Messy Max   


It was like a bomb.  It was a loud wham that made everyone jump out of their seats. 

My mom, Meg, yelled, “Max, why did you slam your mug on the table?  That makes me mad!  Must you be so messy?”


“Look!  Food is everywhere.  It’s on your placemat.  It got on the map that Matt is reading.  I see crumbs all over the place.”

 “And there are chunks of ham, mint jam, lamb, mac-and-cheese, and your half-eaten yam.”


“Look! It’s all over everyone’s clothes!  Pam, Tom, Kim, go up and change your sweaters.  And Matt, there’s also food on the rim of your glasses!”


“And oh no!  Look at Tom-Cat.  A piece of yam flew into his milk bowl.  So goop is now on every one of his four limbs.  And, now the floor is a messy mix that looks like a gooey mud puddle.” 


 “Tom-Cat could almost swim in it!  Good grief!  Now I’ve got to go get the mop from the attic and clean all of this up.  Max, I’m fed up with you.  I’ve never met anyone so messy!”

Max finally spoke up.  “Yum mom.  Great dinner!  I was pretending to be a happy pirate at an old-time inn.”

 “Time to pour me another glass of milk, bartender!”  Max then rattled off, “Ahoy, mateys!  Time to go find the secret treasure!”




1) What was the first thing Max did in this story?  
  a) slammed his mug on the table
  b) threw his plate at the dog
  c) took everyone’s food

2) What happened when he did this?  
  a) the dog started howling
  b) his father sent him to his room
  c) food went everywhere.

3) Why did Pam, Tom, and Kim have to change their sweaters?  
  a) they had just gotten new sweaters

  b) there was food on their sweaters
  c) it was already too warm in the house

4) What happened to Tom-Cat’s bowl of milk?  
  a) he drank it
  b) a piece of food flew into it
  c) Max poured it down the drain

5) What was Max pretending to be? 
  a) a pirate
  b) a cook
  c) a garbage man

6) At the end of the story, what did Max want to find? 
  a) some more food
  b) a mop to clean up the mess

  c) the secret treasure