I spent the weekend with my aunt,
she tried to teach me how to plant,
A garden filled with pretty flowers,
we worked and worked, it seemed like hours. 

We dug up dirt, we picked up rocks.
I had mud on my shoes and socks.
But finally we got to plant the seeds,
And my aunt said next week, we’d pull up weeds. 


The very next weekend I came again,
And there, where flowers should have been,
Were tiny, skinny, little sprouts.
I set to work to pull them out. 


How could this garden be full of weeds?
I know we planted flower seeds!
Just then, my aunt, with a cup of tea,
Came out to say hello to me.
When she looked at the garden,
I knew she’d see,
What a good gardener I would be



She opened her mouth, but no sound came out.
That’s when I began to doubt.
And standing there with her cup of tea,
I thought Aunt Annie was mad at me.
I said, “Aunt Annie, no flowers today!
I think the weeds got in the way!” 


Aunt Annie looked at me and smiled.
“It takes time to grow a garden, child.” 


Those little plants you thought were weeds,
Were sprouts that grew up from our seeds. 
We’ll plant more seeds this afternoon,
And we’ll see new flowers very soon.” 


multiple: Letter Name
listen: Letter Name
S e e d s

listen: Letter Name
N e x t

listen: Letter Name
C a m e

listen: Letter Name
G a r d e n

listen: Letter Name
B e

listen: Letter Name
C h i l d

listen: Letter Name
G r o w

listen: Letter Name
T e a

look: Letter Name
T h e n

look: Letter Name
W e e k

look: Letter Name
S m i l e d

look: Letter Name
T o d a y

look: Letter Name
B e g a n

look: Letter Name
T h e m

look: Letter Name
T i n y

look: Letter Name
O p e n e d


1. Who taught the child in the poem how to plant? 
   a) the mother
   b) the aunt
   c) the sister

2. The child pulled up the little skinny sprouts because:  
   a) they looked like weeds
   b) the child didn’t like gardening
   c) the child didn’t like flowers

3. How did Aunt Annie react when the child pulled up the wrong plants?  
   a) she became very angry
   b) she decided that they could not grow a garden
   c) she told the child that it takes time to grow a garden     

4. What did Aunt Annie want to do next? 
   a) drink some more tea
   b) plant more flower seeds
   c) send the child home