Nellie Loves Her Jelly   



I have a friend named Nellie, and she’s nuts about her jelly.

Plum and peach and grape and lime. She’s eating jelly all the time.

 There’s orange jelly on her steak. And cherry on her birthday cake.

There’s blueberry for her potatoes,  strawberry for her tomatoes.


 Grapefruit for her breakfast toast, and mint to cover her lamb roast.

Her older sister goes by “Kelly”. Her younger one is nicknamed “Shelley.”

Both of them like smelly jelly. Strange, strong flavors that bother Nellie.

So if you’re somewhere dining out, and you choose to look about 


At the table next to you, you see an odd and funny view. 

A girl who’s bought a pricey dish, spooning jelly on her fish. 

It’s highly likely that it’s Nellie, with lots of jelly in her belly.




1) Nellie likes to have jelly 
  a) only on sandwiches
  b) only at home
  c) on all her food

2) No matter where she is, Nellie’s sisters 
  a) like the same jelly that Nellie likes

  b) like jelly that smells bad

  c) try to take Nellie’s jelly.

3) When she is in a restaurant, Nellie 
  a) does not eat jelly
  b) might put jelly on her fish
  c) does not eat fish.