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To follow Google’s instructions for installing Chrome Browser extensions, click the following button to go directly to the extension installer page (when you are done, remember to “pin” the extension): 

If you prefer a step-by-step guide through the installation process, continue on. If you’d like a printable instruction guide, click here: 


Step 1 – Make sure you are using an up-to-date version of Chrome.


Step 2 – Log into your Google account. Important: if you have more than one Google account, you must be signed into the same Google account that you will be using with OLSN.  If you’d like to use OLSN with your other Google accounts, repeat the installation process for each account. Note: if you don’t already have a Google account, click here. Google accounts are free and signing up is simple and quick. 


Step 3 – Go to OLSN’s page in Google’s Chrome Store by clicking this link:


Step 4 – Click the blue “Add to Chrome” button near the top of the page.

  If after clicking Add to Chrome, Google asks your permission, click “Add extension”.


Step 5Pin the Extension so it remains visible on your browser:


If the OLSN icon doesn’t appear in your browser after you have completed the Chrome Store installation process (on the same line as you user profile picture), #1 click on the Extensions icon and then #2 click on the “pin” icon next to the lined ending in (OLSN). You should now see the grey version of the OLSN icon in your browser.


To learn how to use OLSN go to:  Using OLSN