Plants Give

By: Douglas J. Alford


Give and the world grows

to be a better place.

We see how much plants give.
We learn to give also.


We are plants. We have scents but we can’t smell them.



We have pretty colors but we can’t see them.


We make food that we can’t eat.

Why do we do this?



Well, first let me explain a bit about plants. Plants have leaves, stems and roots.



Leaves catch sunshine. The

sun gives us plants power. This

is like how toys need batteries.


Roots “drink” water and vitamins.



Stems are like straws. They move the water and vitamins to the plant parts that make leaves and flowers.


Many flowers like roses smell very nice. Lilacs smell so nice, their scent is used by people to make perfume.



Sometimes, the earth can be a stinky place. We plants just want to help make the air smell

better. Insects also use our scents to find us plants.

The earth would be boring if everything was the same color. We plants make colorful flowers. We give them to people. People give them to each other too. Color also helps insects find us plants.

Flowers are also good for bees. Bees get pollen from flowers. Bees use it to make honey. The bees help us plants too. Bees pollinate us plants. Pollinate means to help the plant get ready to make fruit

Some flowers have sweet nectar. Flower nectar is food to some insects and birds. While drinking nectar, they help pollinate us plants too.


Flowers come in

rainbows of colors.

After the flower is

pollinated, the color

fades. Next, fruit

begins to grow.


We plants, powered by sunlight, change water and minerals into

fruit. It takes months for the fruit to grow. One day, the fruit is ripe and ready to be picked.


We freely give our fruit

to those who are hungry.


Plants also make veggies.

Veggie plants work very

similar to fruit plants.


Both fruit and veggie

plants make seeds.

What do seeds do?

Inside the seed is a secret

code called DNA. DNA helps

the seed grow into a new

plant. When animals

or people eat our fruit,

they scatter our seeds too.

This helps us plants grow

in more places.

Now to close on plants.

We have fragrant scents

and pretty flowers and

tasty fruits and veggies.



We make that which we can’t use ourselves. We give it all away so that the world will be a better

place to live. We help the world smell nicer and share colors too. We help those who are hungry become full.


Even though people don’t

have fragrances, flowers

or fruits, people give

back by helping others.


Special thanks to Douglas J. Alford for providing us this wonderful book.

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