That’s not Thabi! That’s a Hippopotamus!  
Illustrated by Mbongeni Fongoqa
Written by Jon Keevy

Lucy woke up. Her sister Thabi wasn’t in her bed.
“Where’s Thabi?” Lucy asked Ma. 
“Thabi’s in the kitchen eating breakfast.”
“That’s not Thabi!”
“That’s a hippopotamus!”
Lucy looked all over the house.
“Where’s Thabi?” Lucy asked Pa.

“Thabi’s swimming in the pool.”
“That’s not Thabi!” “That’s a hippopotamus!”
Lucy kept looking around the garden.
“Where’s Thabi?” Lucy asked the neighbour.

“Thabi’s playing in the park.”
“That’s not Thabi! That’s a hippopotamus!”
Then Lucy heard a funny noise. She gave the hippopotamus a big tickle.
“There’s Thabi!”
“Thanks,” said Thabi. “It’s very boring inside a hippopotamus.”