A universal safety net for online learning. Every word on every page an instant access portal to whatever a learner might need to keep learning.

The most basic level of the safety net is a reading tutor. Click this word: interactive, then click it again. Simple enough? Click/touch any word on this page for more.

Sometimes learners recognize a word without knowing what it means. The next level of the safety net is the “word explore” reference panel. Click this word: explore. This time click on the button next to the word in the little popup box. Now explore the definitions, synonyms, roots, and translations for the word explore. Simple enough? Click/touch any word on this page for more.



Note: both the reading tutor and the reference panel have more advanced features. For example, instead of words popping up fully visually cued and only one click away from being sounded-out, they can pop up without any letters cued and iteratively scaffold the learner through layers of cues to draw their attention to letter-sound patterns. With the reference panel, every word is also a button. Clicking a word in the definitions, synonyms, or roots, display will make the selected word the new target of the reference panel. 


All of the functions of the safety net described so far are available for free* in two forms. One form is a few lines of code that can be easily added to any website or webpage. The other form is a Chrome browser extension. One form transforms sites and pages to have safety net functionality across all browsers and platforms, the other transforms an individual’s browser to make it able to apply the safety net functions to virtually any page on the web. 


Both are free*.


Imagine how many more students would benefit from online learning if they could touch any uncertain word and be instantly helped by an interactive reading tutor, reference librarian, and language translator.


* if the content is free to access. If anyone is charged for the content and if the safety net improves the value of the content and therefor helps improve sales, we’d like you to contribute a fair percentage of the increased income towards helping the safety net evolve and remain free.


The safety net is also embedded in every one of the free Ebooks, stories, and lessons contained in the Magic Ladder Library. As demonstrated in the video, there are many additional functions available to support beginning and struggling reader.