By: Walter De La Mare

Would you tell me the way to Somewhere?
Somewhere, Somewhere,
I have heard of a place called Somewhere 
But know not where it can be.
It makes no difference
Whether or not
I go in dreams or trudge on foot:
Could you tell me the way to Somewhere, The Somewhere meant for me?

There’s a little old house in Somewhere —
Somewhere, Somewhere,
A cute little house, with a Cat and a Mouse Just room enough for three.
A kitchen, a larder,
bin for bread, 
A string of candles,
Or stars instead,
A table, a chair,
And a four-post bed —
There’s room for us all in Somewhere,
For the Cat and the Mouse and Me.

Puss is called Skimme in Somewhere,
In Somewhere, Somewhere;
Meow, Meow, in Somewhere,
S, K, I, M, M, E.
Miss mouse is scarcely
One inch tall,
So she never needed a name at all;
And though you call,
And call, and call,
There squeaks no answer,
Great or Small —
Though her tail is a sight times longer, Than this is likely to be,
FOR, I want to be off to Somewhere,
To far, lone, lovely Somewhere,
No matter where Somewhere be.

It makes no difference
Whether or not
I flit in sleep or trudge on foot,
Or this time tomorrow how far I’ve got, Summer or Winter,
Cold, or hot,
Where, or When,
Or Why, or What —
Please, tell me the way to Somewhere — Somewhere, Somewhere;
Somewhere, Somewhere, Somewhere, SOMEWHERE –
The Somewhere meant for me!