by: Richard Clark 

Can you imagine a world without doors?
With nothing but walls between ceiling and floors?

When going out, there’d be nothing to open…
But your eyes and your heart, with not a word spoken. 

To visit a friend, you’d just say hello.
No one to say no. 

The cows on a farm could walk where they please.
No gate would keep them from the grass and the trees.

Canaries in cages could fly once again.
Pigs in the mud could step out of their pen. 

Am I too silly to want doors to fall?
Their hinges to rust and leave nothing at all?

Is it not foolish when right out the door…
Could be a cold world…
Chilling me to the core?

But what if outside is a friend I’ve not met?
Or a person in need, or a puppy to pet?

With a door in between the whole world and me, I would never know there was so much to see.   

So I can imagine a world without doors. There’d be nothing to open… But my heart and yours.   

1. This poem talks about a world without: 
   a) walls
   b) animals
   c) doors
   d) people

2. The only things you would need to open would be: 
   a) fences and gates 
   b) windows and shutters 
   c) your eyes and your heart 

3.  From this poem, we can see that animals would probably like this world because:  
   a) they would not have to work as hard 
   b) they would be free 
   c) the food would be better 

4. In this poem, what bad thing could happen in this world?   
   a) it might be cold outside 
   b) the animals might be mean 
   c) it might be too hot 

5. In the poem, what is one of the wonderful things that could happen?   
   a) you could eat all the ice cream you wanted   
   b) you might meet a new friend 
   c) you would not have a bedtime 

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