What is Blue Blue Blue-
What is Blue To You?

by: Crystal Horton 

Colors are everywhere! On land, in water, in air! Would you like to share?   

What is yellow?   

Sun, Banana, Duck. What is yellow to you?  

What is green?  

Kite, Pickle, Frog. What is green to you?  

What is blue?   

Happy Bird, Berries, Dolphins. What is blue to you?   

What is red?  

Airplane, Apple, Fish. What is red to you?  

What is orange?  

Butterfly, Pumpkin, Starfish. What is orange to you?  

What is pink?  

Balloon, Cotton Candy, Pig. What is pink to you?  

What is white?  

Moon, Egg, Boat. What is white to you?  

What is black?  

Black Sky, Jelly Beans, Whale. What is black to you?  

What is blue? What is blue to you?   

Special thanks to Crystal Horton for providing us this wonderful book.

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