What’s in the Pot? By Hayley Alonzo Crystal Warren Rat Western

“What’s for supper?” 
asked Sam. 

“It’s a surprise”,
said Mama,
putting a big pot
on the stove

She added a jug of cold water. Sam was worried.

“Are we having water for supper?” Sam wailed.

“It’s a surprise. Wait and see,” replied Mama.

“Can I help?” asked Sam. “I could stir.”

“You are still a bit short,” said Mama. “The pot might fall over. But you can help me by bringing things.”

“Can you bring me an onion, please.”

“This doesn’t smell very nice.”

“They will taste nice once they are cooked.”


“Now I need some tomatoes. No, that is an apple. The tomatoes are also round and red, but you will find them in the fridge.”

“Can you bring me potatoes. They are round and brown.”

“Is supper ready yet?”

“If you are hungry you can eat the apple while you wait.”

“What about biscuits?”



“No, we won’t need biscuits. We can save those for after supper.”  


“What’s in the pot?”

“It’s a surprise. Wait and see.”


“What about this green thing?”


“That is a watermelon. It will be too big for the pot.”


“See if you can find some spinach. It is also green.”

“Please get some bread. No, it won’t go into the pot, but on the table.” 

Mama carried the pot to the table and started to dish out supper.


“What’s in the pot mom?” asked Sam.


“Soup! My favorite!”


1) What is Mama making for dinner? 





2) Did Sam like how the onion smelled? 


3) Why didn’t Mama put a watermelon in the soup? 
  Sam doesn’t like watermelon. 
  Because it will not fit in the pot. 
  Because there was a worm in it.