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Simple Instructions:
1) Make sure that your speakers are on.

2) There are many sentences below. They are “randomly designed” sentences about “daily-living” topics (in the home, at school, etc.). They include many words that the beginning reader would never be expected to READ yet, but that should be commonly known in their SPOKEN conversation; therefore, you will see in a moment that the sentences are READ TO the student. We have carefully targeted certain red words in the sentences, that will be used to expose the student to the process by which they will learn to decode (successfully sound-out words for word RECOGNITION), and thus eventually turn a new unrecognized word into an instantly recognized “sight” (“reflex”) word. For each sentence below, have the student click on the green speaker button at the BEGINNING of the sentence (NOT the speaker button at the END of the sentence).   

3) The sentence will be read out-loud to the student. When the voice reaches the red-colored word, it will stop reading the sentence. (It is possible that the very first word might be a red word, so clicking through that word will be required before any read-out-loud occurs.)  

4) At this point, the student must click on the red word. The word will pop-up in a box. The student mouse-clicks (or touches, if using a touchscreen) the word until s/he reaches the point where each letter’s sound has been spoken, and then the complete word has been spoken. At this point, the voice will continue reading the rest of the sentence. (In some cases, there may be more than one red word in a sentence. At each red word, the voice will stop reading out loud.) Always encourage the student to, OUT LOUD, replicate the red word’s individual letter sound-outs, themselves. This is crucial for them to practice as much as possible.  

5) NOW that the sentence has been completed, the student may click on the green speaker button at the END of the sentence, if s/he wants to do so (optional). The sentence will now be read out-loud withOUT stopping on the red words. Further, as each word is read, it will pop up in a box in its fully-PQd state, to further encourage the brain to become comfortable with this VISUAL element of the sound-out process. (You’ll note that with the beginning speaker button, as each word was read to you, a green highlight was in place, not a fully-PQd word in a pop-up box.) The reason the button at the end of the word is included in the sentences is more with the ESL student in mind (to double-check that they read the entire sentence correctly, in this new language to them), but it can be valuable for anyone, as long as it is utilized ONLY after READING through the passage first, and clicking through all of the red words to develop the decoding skills that are so critical for building reading-excellence.  

6) Move on to the next sentence.  

Latest revision 10/24/19, 10:00 A.M. EDT; all three-letter words complete.
       Single consonant same at front and end of word, all short vowels:
I love playing football with my dad.  
If you make me eat that, I might gag.  
The baby got food all over her bib.  
Did you like the movie?  
We read a story about a boy named Pip.  
Hey sis, have you seen my Barbie doll?  
Can Bob come over for a sleepover this Saturday?  
My mom is the greatest!  
Do Rice Krispies really go, “snap, crackle, and pop?”  
Her little girl is the cutest tot I know.  
Hmm, I guess this firecracker is a dud.  
Just keep mum about this and it’ll be our little secret.  
Their new pup is very frisky.  
       COMMON (Short) A repeated exposure:  
Yuck, I think this milk has gone bad.  
Can you please carry that shopping bag?  
He hit the table, “BAM!” with his fist.  
Oh no, a bat got into the house!  
To get downtown, we’ll take a cab.  
My friend Cab runs cross-country.  
I bet I can run faster than you.  
My baseball cap flew off when I slid into second base.  
Your cat scratched me!  
I’ll dab a bit of this cream on your cut.  
My brother Dan got sent to the Principal today.  
Please turn on the fan, since it’s getting warm in here.  
If I eat too much dessert, I’ll get fat.  
That old gal has a lot of class.  
The actress who plays Wonder Woman is named “Gal.”  
I hate this big gap between my two front teeth.  
We need to stop a minute and fill the car with gas.  
I had to go to the bathroom during the middle of the test.  
Hal invited me to eat dinner with his family tonight.  
Good, mom fixed me a ham sandwich for lunch.  
Mom bought a cool new hat to wear at the Derby.  
The boxer landed a hard right jab to his opponent’s face.  
I want strawberry jam for my peanut butter and jelly sandwich.   
Aunt Jan got me a great book for my birthday.  
The cat is shedding lots of hair in my lap.  
We’re having lobster mac – and – cheese for supper!  
Mac the janitor got angry when the toilet overflowed.  
Pam got mad when Liz told others about her secret.  
At his funeral, they said what a good man he’d been all his life.  
Get out the map and tell what you think the fastest route is.  
Uh-oh, the cat pooped on the welcome mat.  
Have you seen the movie “Mad Max?”  
Please don’t nag me, because I’ll have it done in an hour.  
I need a nice, peaceful nap.  
Hand me that pad of paper so I can write up the grocery list.  
Freddy is my best pal.  
Pam told me she’s going to have to get braces.  
I really like this new non-stick frying pan.  
You need to pat the kitty more gently.  
Pat, can you take the dog for a walk?  
Toss this old towel into the rag bag.  
Did you see that bird ram right into the window?  
I ran into my old teacher at the mall today.
Hmm, I smell a rat here!  
You’ll be sad that you didn’t take my advice.  
I hope the roof doesn’t sag from all the snow on top of it.  
Sal just opened a new fast food restaurant.
Samantha, is it okay to call you “Sam?”  
I mistakenly sat on the cat, and she screamed!  
Let’s open a new tab and do a Google search.  
I dropped a Tic – Tac on the floor and the dog ate it.  
I’m a tad full right now and think I’ll pass on dessert.  
Tag, you’re it!  
Wow, you got a deep tan over the summer.  
Tap on the touchpad and the screen will light back up.  
Is Val able to come to the party?  
With the new baby, we need to put a car seat in the van.  
Do you remember the actor Van Johnson, popular in the 40s through the 70s?  
C’mon Buddy, why won’t you wag your tail?  
I need to clean off this candle wax that got on the table.  
Zac struck out three times in today’s baseball game.  
Should I zag before I zig, or zig before I zag?  
The alien said, “Do that, and I will zap you with my ray gun!”  
       COMMON (Short) E repeated exposure:   
Thanks for making up your bed without my asking you.  
I beg your pardon, can we talk a minute?  
I bet the U.S. women’s team wins the soccer World Cup.  
Hi Bev, long time no see!   
Can you help me with this math problem, Deb?  
I hope I fed the dog the right amount of kibble.  
Can you get me a glass of ice water, please?  
Will Jeb Bush run for President again?  
Remember Jed Clampett from the Beverly Hillbillies?  
Have you ever flown on a jet plane?  
I led the class line into the cafeteria.  
My uncle’s favorite rock group is Led Zeppelin.  
My right leg is a quarter-inch shorter than my left!  
Mom, will you let me go to Tom’s party?  
Meg, can you help me paint the bathroom?
I met my new boss this morning.  
Ned just got his driver’s license.  
I hate hitting the tennis ball into the net.  
You can’t fit a square peg into a round hole.  
Hey Peg, can you please answer the phone?  
Dad, why can’t we get a pet dog?  
I want to paint my room fire engine red.  
They call that famous cowboy “Big Red.”  
You can set the grocery bag down on the counter.  
That’s my twin brother, Ted.  
I need to take the dog to the vet for his yearly shots.  
Look at the dew drops on that spider web!  
I forgot my umbrella and now I’m sopping wet.  
       COMMON (Short) I repeated exposure:  
You surely do have big feet!  
That darn cat just bit me!  
Her dog likes to dig holes in their yard.  
Can you please dim the lights?  
Dip your finger into the cookie dough batter.  
It’s not okay to fib to your Granny.  
Dad’s favorite cookies are Fig Newtons.  
Can we go to Chick – fil – A for lunch?  
Is that the fin of a dolphin or a shark?!  
Sorry mom, these pants don’t fit me anymore.  
Dad needs to fix the leak in our bathroom sink.  
I wonder where Mom hid my birthday presents.  
I saw him fall down on the playground today.  
My left hip is sore.  
Dad, I got a hit in today’s baseball game!
Lucy, add Jif peanut butter to the grocery list.  

The new kid’s name is Jim.  
We shouldn’t kid her about her new braces.

Kim wants me to call her at 4:00.  
Kip will be the singer in our rock band.  
Let me see the instructions for the model car kit.  
Kit got the best grade on the math test.  
My favorite cereal is Kix.  
Where’s the lid for the trash can?  
Ouch, I just bit my lip!  
Good, Dad just lit a nice, cozy fire for us.  
Can Liv come to the movie with us?  
The new teacher is named Liz Smith.  
You can mix the chocolate chips into the batter.  
Jake, don’t let the dog nip at your friends when they come over.  
The third little pig built a strong house out of bricks.  
Mom’s wearing her favorite turquoise pin.  
This olive wasn’t supposed to have a pit in it!  
I think that’s the last barbecue rib I can eat.  
Let’s get rid of that beat-up pair of shoes.  
I bet it’s weird working on an oil rig.  
The basketball bounced off the rim and didn’t go in.  
Mom will be mad when she sees this rip in my shirt.  
How long was Rip Van Winkle’s beard?  
Sid wants to be a fireman when he grows up.  
Try a sip of this fresh-squeezed orange juice.  
I need to sit down for a few minutes.  
My sister is six years old.  
Are there any sour-flavored Tic – Tacs?  
Tim caught the football and ran for a touchdown.  
Goats don’t really eat tin cans, do they?  
Pam, let me give you a tip about holding your field hockey stick.  
I saw Tip with his Dad at the mall.  
Vic and I are going to ride our bikes.  
Mom’s going to wear her wig to the Jones’s party.  
I hope the Falcons win the Super Bowl!  
Watch that rooster zig and zag around the farmyard.  
Bobby, don’t forget to zip up your jacket!  
       COMMON (Short) O repeated exposure:
The cat pawed the dog with a bop on the head.  
This box of crackers is empty.  
Dad, the cop behind us just turned on his siren!  
As Bugs Bunny says, “What’s up, Doc?”  
I can’t stand the way your dog drools on me.  
Don will be in high school next year.  
Students, remember to put a dot over every letter “I.”  
My friend Dot just learned how to scramble eggs.  
Drive carefully in that thick fog!  
There was a fox outside the henhouse this morning.  
Coach Fox said that he was proud of our hard work.  
Different religions have different names for God.  
Sally got a new 10-speed bicycle for Christmas.  
Now Butch, don’t hog all the snacks just for yourself.  
Red kangaroos can hop 25 feet in one leap!

The water in the bathtub is still too hot.  
Will we have to move if Mom gets a new job?  
Let’s jog down to the park.  

Jon got a dollar from the tooth fairy.  
Can you please jot down a few reminders for me?  
Did you see the chipmunk run under that log?  
Thanks a lot!  
It’ll take me a minute to mop up this mess.       

Nod “yes” if you want some dessert.  
I’m not sure that I’m right about that.  
The cheerleaders want red-colored pom – poms.  
Is the pot of water boiling yet?  
My little sister just had chicken pox.
Lock the door, so that no one will rob us.  
That was Rob who waved at us from that mini-van.  
Grab your rod and reel, and let’s go fishing.  
Rod is trying out to be the team’s catcher.  
Ron is the class’s fastest runner.  
That banana is about to rot.  
Can Roz sleep over on Saturday?  
I’ll sob alligator tears if I don’t make the team.  
I’ll sop up the gravy with my dinner roll.  
Is that Tom coming up the driveway?  
Put that on the top shelf so the dog can’t get to it.  
       COMMON (Short U) repeated exposure:
There’s the first flower bud of spring.  
My friend Bud makes the coolest paper airplanes.  
Gross, there’s a bug in my soup.  
This is the last hot dog bun we’ve got.  
The school bus was ten minutes late this morning.  
Brad was mean to me, but later he said he was sorry.  
Can we name the new puppy “Buz?”   
If you see a bear cub, you can be sure its mama is close by.  
Pour this cup of milk in the cat’s bowl.  
Let’s put a bandage on that cut.  
The dog dug up another bone in the yard.  
The song goes, “Dum – dee – dum – dum.”  
I had lots of fun at Meg’s party.  
Can I have a piece of chewing gum?  
I’m taking my new water gun to the pool.  
Gus was wearing cool new tennis shoes today.  
Come give your Grandpa a big hug!  
Let me try to hum that tune for you.  
We found an empty old hut in the woods yesterday.  
Dad brought home a jug of apple cider.  
Tom, there’s mud all over your pants!  
There’s nothing better than a mug of cold root beer.  
I can’t eat that cookie if there’s a nut in it.  
Gross, there’s pus where the scab on my leg is.  
Rub the lamp and maybe a genie will come out.  
The cat coughed up a hairball on the rug!  
I’m going to run around the track two times.  
Our teacher was sick, and our sub was very nice.  
The sun seems really bright today.  
Go fill your tub with water and you can have a bubble bath.  
We had a great tug – of – war during recess today.  
Now don’t act up in school today, okay?  
I like your new red and blue dress.  
       Other all-COMMON 3-letter words, all applicable short vowels:   
How did that ant crawl into my lap?  
I didn’t hear you, so ask me that again.  
This fancy pen is leaking ink all over the paper.  
It’s time for bed!  
That deer will lose its antlers soon.  
Life is full of ups and downs.    

       CVCC – COMMON (Short A) repeated exposure:
I’m going to try out for the school band.  
The cannonball shot out with a loud bang.  

Dad went to get some money at the bank.  

That bat’s eyes look creepy.  

A thousand bats flew out of the cave.  

Did you have fun at summer camp?  

Granny can’t hear very well.  

We ordered new baseball caps for the team.  

My cat’s fur is all black.  

There are three cats in our neighborhood.  

Why is the floor in the basement damp?  

Dang it, I just can’t unscrew the top from this jar.  

It’s a fact that water freezes at 32 degrees Fahrenheit.  

Get dressed fast, so you’re not late for school.  

There was a famous singer / piano player named Fats Domino.  

Can the gang come over and swim in our pool?  

There are some gaps in the fence that you can crawl through.  

She let out a gasp when she opened her big Christmas present.  

Please hand me the bowl of potatoes.  

I need to hang my jacket up in the closet.  

My friend Hank has to wear glasses now.  

Which of these hats looks best with this dress?  

The bulb in the lamp needs to be replaced.  

The plane will land in five minutes.  

We both spilled milk in our laps.  

Though she came in last in the race, she was proud that she finished.  

Mac’s cat just scratched our Dachshund.  

Which of these two maps is more up-to-date?  

That’s a great mask to wear on Halloween.  

We need to hose off the car’s floor mats and let them dry.  

I’m too old to take naps any more.  

My dog starts to pant after running for a minute.  

Uh-oh, it’s WAY past your bedtime!  

Pat’s grandparents are visiting for a week.  

Mark pats his cat kind of roughly and gets scratched a lot.  

We’re going to ride a raft going down the river.  

I rang the doorbell twice, but no one came to the door.  

My pet rat’s gotten out of his cage.  

I actually think her two white rats are cute.  

Let’s get the sand out of our shoes before going in the house.  

We sang Christmas carols for an hour.  

My toy sank to the bottom of the deep end of the pool.  

Here’s a new tank of helium to blow up the balloons.  

She taps her foot to the rhythm when she’s playing her flute.  

I’m done with all but one task that you asked me to complete.  

Zac’s my new best friend.  

Watch how the alien zaps him with his ray gun.  

       CCVC – COMMON (Short A) repeated exposure:
You’re not going to blab about this to Mom, are you?  
Hey Brad, are you up for a game checkers?

I hope he doesn’t brag all day about getting an “A” on the test.  

I’m afraid her kid is just a little brat.  

Don’t clap until she takes a bow.  

A crab just crawled onto your beach towel.  

I can’t cram any more junk into the trash can.  

Drat, I locked my keys in the car.  

I’d better go on a diet, because there’s too much flab in my tummy.  

How many stars are on the American flag?  

Fold this flap over, and then put some tape here.  

The poor kid tripped and fell flat on his face.  

Fran told me she thought I’d really enjoy this book.  

I’m glad to finally meet you.  

I need to grab a quick bite before the afternoon meeting.  

I think that’s a good plan for fixing the problem.  

I’m happy to see that your scab finally healed.  

She yelled, “SCAT!” to the squirrel that got into our picnic food.  

When you go out, please don’t slam the door.  

I learned how to do a fake slap in the face in drama class today.  

We seem to have hit a snag in our game plan.  

Tina just learned how to snap her fingers.  

I grew up eating lots of Spam sandwiches.  

We’re going to study the twenty-year time span surrounding the Civil War.  

He spat out about five watermelon seeds.  

Now don’t stab me in the back by telling others my little secret!  

Stan asked you to call him after two o’clock.  

Mom, I swam seven laps in the pool today!  

I saw another critter in the kitchen, so we need to put out a mouse trap.  
       CVCC – COMMON (Short E) repeated exposure:   
My Dad bets that the Packers will win the Super Bowl this year.  
My sister gets flustered about two hours before her date picks her up.  
Too many loud jets fly over our house at night.  
The baby kept crying until she got her milk bottle.  
Let’s go out to dinner tonight!  
I hope the coach lets me be the quarterback for part of the game.  
It’s funny how teams cut down the nets when they win basketball games.  
My pet’s name is Sonic.  
When she pets her cat, the kitty starts to purr and drool.  
Make sure he sets it down gently so that it doesn’t break.  
There are two vets where we board our cats when we go on vacation.  
Dad wets his hair down before he goes to work.  
       CVCC – COMMON (Short E) repeated exposure:   
That cut was so bad that it bled for 20 minutes before it stopped.  
I just saw Bret in the cereal aisle of the store.  
Whew, I just fled from a giant bumblebee!  
Oh boy, Fred got in big trouble with the teacher today.  
Mom and Dad named my new baby brother Greg.  
I ran my sled into that tree.  
Dad sped home too fast and got a speeding ticket.  
Take one more step to the left so you get into the class picture.           
       CVCC – COMMON (Short I) repeated exposure:   
The dog tore my homework up into little bits.  
It’s funny when Fido dips his paw into the bathtub water.  
Dad banged his fist on the table when the quarterback threw an interception.  
I love the way this dress looks, so I hope it fits me.  
Let’s get a nice Christmas gift for your teacher.  
Can’t you give me hint about my birthday presents?  
My hips ache after that long hike.  
Mary got two hits in the softball game!  
I hope I don’t jinx myself by saying I think I’m well prepared for the test.  
Kip’s kitten is a Siamese cat.  
Kit’s going to bring toll house cookies for us to snack on tomorrow.  

Which of these model airplane kits do you like the most?  
Can you help me lift this heavy chair?  
I hurt my ankle, so I’m walking with a limp.  
I’ve always wondered why people get lint in their belly buttons.  
Ouch, my lips are really chapped.  
Where did I put the grocery list?  
Remember, don’t cry over spilt milk!  
Yum, you bought mint ice cream with chocolate chips!  
Watch how the puppy nips at its own tail.  
I love your new hot pink tennis shoes.  
Pip’s lemonade stand raked in the money on this very hot day.  
Be careful chewing, because these olives have pits in them.  
We had fun skating at the ice rink today.  
Johnny, how did you get these rips in your shirt?  
Uh-oh, this stain will never come out of Dad’s favorite silk tie.  
Mom, I think you’d better let this pot soak for a long time in the sink.  
The toddler makes a funny noise when she sips her juice.  
I love it when the kitty sits in my lap.  
The photographer asked me to tilt my head in different poses.  
Tip’s book report was really interesting.  
Let me give you a few tips that will let you hit the ball further.  
Vic’s car is in the shop for repairs.  
That flower will wilt if you don’t water it.  
My nephew Wilt is moving to New York.  
I’m exercising hard so no one thinks I’m a wimp.  
The wind is blowing hard.  
My dad gave me a wink and a thumbs-up when I ran to first base.  
Wow, you scared me out of my wits!  
My grandad has arthritis, and he zips up his jacket slowly.     
       CVCC – COMMON (Short I) repeated exposure:
Close up the potato chip bag with this clip.  
I hear the baby crying in his crib.  
Cris got the lead part in the school play.  
That constant drip in the kitchen sink is driving me crazy.  
I’ll wear my flip – flops at the beach.  
He gave me a big grin after I told my joke.  
You have to grip a baseball bat firmly.  
I think I’ll ask Kris to go to the school dance with me.  
Mom puts skim milk on her cereal.  
The skin on my hand is rough from being so chapped.  
Class, let’s skip chapter two and move on to chapter three.  
Skip gave me a Rice Krispie treat from his lunch box.  
The umpire said I was “safe” when I slid into third base.  
She used to be a little overweight, but now she’s slim.  
We call that old cowboy “Slim.”  
Don’t slip on that banana peel!  
I need to snip this tag off of my new shirt.  
I cleaned my bathroom so that it’s all spic – and – span.  
It’s not a good idea to spit into the wind!  
Mom, can we go swim in the pool?  
Here, let me trim the hair on the back of your  neck.  
Did you have a fun trip?  
I like to eat Trix cereal for breakfast.  
This looks like a good twig to use for roasting a marshmallow.  
Lots of times, my twin sister and I know what the other is thinking.  
       CVCC – COMMON (Short O) repeated exposure:   
If you bonk me on the head with that, I’ll tell Mom!  
That toddler bops me on the head with his rattler all the time.  
I hope that the car doesn’t conk out on us.  
That cop’s whistle is really loud.  
Uh-oh, there are three cops asking that guy some questions.  
I’m afraid that toy is going to cost too much.  
She ran to the door when she heard, “ding  – dong!”  
Dot’s finally getting her braces removed next week.  
That’s a cool dress with all those polka – dots.  
I’m very fond of my grandmother.  
One day I want to learn how to play golf.  
You need to honk your horn if the car next to you is getting too close.  
It’s amazing to see how far a kangaroo hops.  
Dad jots down lots of ideas he might use to write a novel.  
Have you seen the giant gorilla, King Kong?  
That dog’s snout is really long.  
Dern, I lost my favorite “Elephant and Piggie” book.  
There are lots of things to choose from on the buffet.  
These mops are pretty beat up, so let’s throw them out.  
We didn’t catch a single fish at the pond today.  
My brother usually beats me at ping – pong.  
Pop’s boss said he’d done a great job on his latest project.  
Hot butter pops in a skillet, and it might burn you.  
None of our pots are big enough to cook a whole lobster in them.  
A banana skin turns all brown when the banana rots.  
My new blanket is nice and soft.  
I am sick of hearing that song over and over again on the radio.  
Can you put the tops on these three jars of jelly?  
Look at all those cute tots in the pre-school.  
I’m so exhausted I think I’ll just zonk out on the couch and take a nap.   
       CVCC – COMMON (Short O) repeated exposure: 
I want to write a science fiction story called “The Blob From Outer Space.”  
I can’t tell the difference between a gator and a croc.  

Grandpa had a good crop of corn on his farm this year.  

You’d better not drop mom’s favorite vase!    
Look at that fish flop around in the bucket of water we dropped it in.  

Mom freaked when I brought a frog into the kitchen!       

Please put a giant glob of whipped cream on my banana split.  

Do you actually think I’m going to eat this awful-looking glop that you call stew?  

The big stone made a loud “plop” when I threw it into the pond.  

My friend Scot just got a new poodle puppy.  

If you chew with your mouth open, people will call you a slob.  

The pigs ran to the trough when the farmer filled it with their morning slop.  

Today’s smog index will be high in our city during this very hot summer day.  

Sissy is such a snob because she’s the teacher’s pet.  

Gross, the baby has green snot in his nose.  

It’s going to be hard to get this ink spot out of your white dress.  

Make sure that you don’t run that stop sign!  

Since you are new at horseback riding, don’t go faster than a gentle trot.   
       CVCC – COMMON (Short U) repeated exposure:   
Mom, the light bulb has gone out in this lamp.  
That bug bite has turned into a big bump on my skin.  
Do you sleep on the top or the bottom bunk bed?  
I’m going to bust through the line and tackle the quarterback.  
Please bring the empty cups over to the sink.  
Let’s take this old stuff to the trash dump.  
Dad likes to dunk his donut into his coffee.  
Will the monsters come out at dusk, when the sun goes down?  
It’s time to dust off the car’s dashboard.  
Don’t gulp that down, or you might choke.  
Gross, mom, there’s some kind of gunk in my eye.  
That was one strong gust of wind!  
I bet you don’t have the guts to go off of the high dive.  
My favorite Avengers superhero is the Hulk.  
Will the new camel at the zoo have one hump or two?  
Your clothes have all been hung up in your closet.  
Dad went on a hunt and brought home a wild turkey.  
I think it would be cool to live in huts high up in the treetops.  
I wonder how high up a kangaroo can jump.  
Timmy, you’ve got to get rid of this junk under your bed.  
Just as the doorbell rang, so did the phone.  
Would you like one lump of sugar in your tea, or two?  
My left lung still isn’t totally clear from having had the flu.  
You must be pleased to have gotten an “A” on the test!  
I can’t eat anything that has nuts in it.  
I need to stop to pump up my left front tire.  
The new boy in our class isn’t nice, he’s just a punk.  
Both of our new pups are bull dogs.  
Please sit down on your rump and be still for a few minutes.  
I had rung the bell three times, then she came to the door.  
Dern it, there is rust on our deck furniture.  
She had sung five songs before her voice got hoarse.  
He cried because his toy had sunk to the bottom of the deep end.  
       CVCC – COMMON (Short U) repeated exposure:
Dad, I think sis is going to join the chess club.  
I have to stop at the drug store to pick up my medicine.  
Guess what, Jim, I got a drum set for my birthday!  
Can you please plug the new lamp in for me?  

Wow, this plum is really juicy.  
You’re wrong, two plus two isn’t five!  
Hey, check out this slimy slug on the sidewalk.  
Our teacher told a story about how he had grown up in a slum.  
Are you now all warm and snug under your covers?  
Before he she had spun around, I had already hid behind a big tree.  
It’s littering when you throw a cigarette stub out your car window.  
They had swum all day, and their skin was all wrinkled.  
I hate it when Pam acts like she’s the boss.  

Uh-oh, tons of ants have gotten into the house.  

I hope he asks me to the dance!  

Alec raised his hand and answered the question correctly.  

Dad, when I was a baby, did I call you “dada?”  

Even though it’s an itsy bitsy spider, I hope it stays away from me.  

I’m going to add this lily to my vase full of flowers.  

Susan named her new goldfish “Lily.”  

I love the character Foxy Loxy in the story “Chicken Little.”  

I got one ugly bruise after I bumped into the open dishwasher door.  
       CVCCC – COMMON (Short A) repeated exposure:
Do any of these banks give you a free checking account?  

My uncle camps out every summer for two weeks in the wilderness.  

You’d better get your facts straight!  

Mom gasps every time a car honks at her.  

Hank’s glasses fell off his desk, and the right lens cracked.  

Which of these three lamps is the least expensive?  

The flavor in this chewing gum lasts for a long time.  

I found a dollar bill in my pants pocket.  

At the end of World War two, the Germans ran out of gas for their tanks.  

Mom, which of these tasks should I finish first?   
       CCVCC – COMMON (Short A) repeated exposure:
She drew a complete blank when the teacher asked for the answer to the question.  

The rocket will blast off in about five minutes.  
Is this brand of shoes really any better than most of the others?  
Please, mom, don’t have Mrs. Smith and her two brats over for lunch.  
His speech was so bad that there weren’t many claps from the audience.  
I can’t go back in the water yet because I have a cramp in my stomach.  
I feel a cold draft when sitting next to that window.  
He drank his soda pop fast, and then he let out a huge burp.  
Mom, how are you supposed to fold the flaps on this package?  
I saw Frank at the movies today.  
If a genie could grant you one big wish, what would it be?  

Grant told me his mom got a new job, and they have to move away.  
I would like some Kraft ranch dressing on my salad, please.  

Which of these Halloween masks is the scariest?  

We’re going to plant a new tree over there by the fence.  
If you play a prank on someone, you’d better expect that they’ll play one on you!  
I told dad that my scalp itched, and he looked and found lice in my hair.  
My cousin slaps his hand on his knee every time his favorite team gets a basket.  
Julie snaps her fingers really loudly.  
You’d better not do that, or you know dad will spank you!  
Hmm, this stamp won’t stick to the envelope.  
Stand right here while I pay for the groceries.  

My favorite movie is Disney’s “The Lady And The Tramp.”  
Hunters sometimes put out traps in the woods.      
       CCCVC – COMMON (Short A) repeated exposure:

Scram, you bumblebee, you’re scaring me!  
I just need a scrap of paper to write this down.  
I heard a big “SPLAT!” and a bird had pooped on dad’s head.   
       CVCCC – COMMON (Short E) repeated exposure:   
I think Bret’s around here somewhere.  
He crept up slowly behind his brother’s back, and then yelled, “BOO!”  
I slept really well last night.       
       CCVCC – COMMON (Short E) repeated exposure: 
Could you help me by scraping the snow off of the steps?  
I swept out the garage, just like you asked.        
       CVCCC – COMMON (Short I) repeated exposure:
When he put both fists up, I ran from him.  
I got great gifts for my birthday.  
I need some hints on how to do this math problem.  
I don’t understand how he lifts up something this heavy.  
That poor dog limps, because he has one bad leg.  
Kids, have you written up your Christmas lists?  
Which of these flavored milks tastes the best?  
Can I have one of those breath mints?  
You should never take risks when you are driving.  
It’s so cold that the pipes to the sinks have frozen up.  
When I blow this dog whistle, Rover tilts his head and looks funny  .
Wilt’s older brother is going to be a marine.  
A flower wilts if it doesn’t get enough water.  
Grandpa winks at me a lot.     
       CCVCC – COMMON (Short I) repeated exposure: 
Let’s have a staring contest to see who will blink first.  
The new kid in class is named Clint.  
All summer, Dad clips the bushes about every three weeks, to keep them neat.  
Yum, this is a really crisp, sweet apple.  
It’s okay to stop the boat here and let it drift while we fish.  
I need a drink of water, please.  
This leaky faucet drips all night long.  
I love how mom flips a pancake by throwing it in the air.  
He grips the baseball bat so hard it’s like he’s trying to squeeze water out of it.  
I’m from the South, and I love to have buttered grits for breakfast.  
Please print your name on this line.  

Skip’s dad is a police officer.  
When my daughter is in a good mood, she skips all the way home from the park.  
Before Granny leaves to go home, she slips a five-dollar bill into my back pocket.  
She snips paper into cool shapes with these scissors.  
Have you heard the saying, “Don’t cry over spilt milk?”  
It’s gross how a camel spits on you if you get too close.  
I you are sprayed by a skunk, you will stink for days.  
Those rapids become really swift after lots of rain.  
We went on two great trips this past summer.  
Can you help me twist the lid off of this jar?   
       CCCVC – COMMON (Short I) repeated exposure:   
My favorite dessert is a banana split.     
       CVCCC – COMMON (Short O) repeated exposure:
My baby brother bonks me on the head all the time.  
I’m afraid this costs too much for us to afford right now.  
My grandpa golfs at nine o’clock in the morning every Saturday.  
Dad honks his horn if the people in front of him are driving too slowly.   
My mom dyes her hair blond.

The farmer is outside harvesting his crops.

I see some drops of rain on the front window.

I’m going to wear my flip-flops to the beach.

I need to scrape the frost off of the car windows.

My son plops his dirty clothes down in the middle of the floor.

Scot’s dog is a Dalmatian.

Mom, Spot’s chasing the cat again!

Oh, no, there are spots of red wine on the white tablecloth.

I will stomp out of the room if I can’t have a cookie for a snack.

Dad always stops the car before we drive across a railroad track.

I prefer riding a horse when it just trots along slowly.

Jimmy, those bumps may mean that you have chicken pox.

Dad dumps the mown grass in the woods behind our house.

I love it when LeBron dunks the basketball.

Mom dusts the furniture every two weeks.

My sister gulps her milk too fast, and she often chokes and spits it out.

There are very strong gusts of wind today.

Is a dromedary camel the one with one or two humps on its back?

Our cat hunts for mice in our basement and in our attic.

Sally screams when she jumps off the high dive.

At spring cleaning time, Mom always junks a bunch of old stuff in her closet.

Would you like one or two lumps of sugar in your tea?

Both of my kids have already had the mumps.

I like how he pumps his fist every time he scores a touchdown.

This kind of metal rusts very easily.

My cat lost two tufts of hair when he got into a fight with the neighbor’s cat.

Can you please pull up that clump of weeds in the garden?

The toddler clung to his mom as they crossed the street.

Drat, I burned the crust on the rhubarb pie.

Steer clear of Dad, cause he’s being a grump today.

It scared me when the gorilla let out a loud grunt.

I think I’ve cooked up quite a plump, juicy turkey for Thanksgiving.

Our poor bloodhound was sprayed by a skunk today.

Ouch, a bee stung me on my right leg.

The rotten egg stunk to high heaven!

She swung around when I yelled “boo” behind her back.

Did you know that an elephant’s trunk has forty thousand muscles?

Son, you should trust my advice on this!

You’ll have to scrub the burned food in this pot really hard.

Billy acted out in class today and got sent to the Principal.

I have to admit that I didn’t really like that recipe.

Isn’t this Alec’s bicycle?

When I was young, I loved the cartoon “Alvin and the Chipmunks.”

Our teacher is nice, and she almost never gets angry at the class.

I need to go to the bathroom REALLY badly!

I wonder what it was like to live in a log cabin two hundred years ago.

It’s a bad habit for you to be biting your fingernails.

I’d like to introduce you to my older sister Janet.

I think that those two are madly in love with each other.

Mom went into a panic when the oven didn’t work on Thanksgiving morning.

The cow ran past me at a surprisingly rapid pace.

Sadly, we’ll be out of town when you have your party.

This sauce has quite a tangy flavor to it.

Betsy is my very best friend.

Kevin plays the drums in our rock band.

I’ve always loved the poem about the itsy-bitsy spider.

I think you’ve passed your limit for watching TV today, so please turn it off.

My favorite candy is a Milky Way bar.

We’re sorry about the mixup, and the doctor can see you now.

I hurt my left pinky when I caught the football today.

It would be too risky to jump off that high-up rock into the river.

My hair feels so silky smooth after using that new shampoo.

My favorite comic book is Ironman.

There’s a big fat robin at the bird feeder.

I saw a good movie about Batman and Robin.

That tastes so gross that I’m afraid I’m going to vomit!