How Come?  
Episode 1: School



Peter’s mom was driving Peter to school.

Peter was in the car seatand  started asking questions. 

Peter asked, “How come little kids and big kids don’t go to school together?”



Peter’s mom told Peter that there are elementary, middle, and high schools, because the big kids need to learn different things at school.

Peter asked, “How come we learn different things in school?”

Peter’s mom said that the stuff you learn now makes you ready to understand harder and bigger things later.



Then they got to school, and Peter went off to class.


multiple: Letter Name
listen: Letter Name
C a r
listen: Letter Name
S e a t
listen: Letter Name
G o
listen: Letter Name
T o l d
listen: Letter Name
H i g h
listen: Letter Name
W e
listen: Letter Name
M a k e s
listen: Letter Name
R e a d y
listen: Letter Name
W e n t

1. Where were Peter and Mom going?  
  a) on a picnic 
b) to school 

2. Why don’t big kids and little kids go to school together?  
a) because big kids need to learn different things at school  
  b) because little kids don’t like big kids 

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