How Come? 
Episode 2: At The Store

Peter’s dad drove Peter to the grocery store.


Peter asked, “Where does all the food come from?”

Peter’s dad said that most of it comes from big trucks that get it from farms.


Peter asked, “How come some foods are in a fridge, and some are in a freezer, and some are not cold at all?”



Peter’s dad said that some kinds of food last longer when they stay cold.

Peter asked, “Why are some foods in bags, and others aren’t?”

Peter’s dad said that some foods are sealed in bags so that the air doesn’t ruin them.


Peter asked, “How come after you scan all the food, they let you take it?”   

Peter’s dad said that he pays them for the food, and then he showed Peter his money.

They were done buying groceries, and it was now time to go.


multiple: Silent
listen: Silent
D r o v e
listen: Silent
a s k e d
listen: Silent
t r u c k s
listen: Silent
f a r m s
listen: Silent
a r e
listen: Silent
w h e n
listen: Silent
w h y
listen: Silent
s e a l e d
listen: Silent
y o u
listen: Silent
p a y s
listen: Silent
t i m e

1. Who drove Peter to the grocery store? 
  a) Mom 
b) Dad 

2. Where does most of the food come from? 
a) big trucks that get it from farms 
  b) the refrigerator 

3. Why are some foods kept cold and others are not? 
  a) because cold food tastes better  
b) because some foods last longer when they are cold 

4. Why are some foods in sealed bags and others aren’t?  
a) so that the air doesn’t ruin them 
  b) because the bags make the food look prettier 

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