How Come? 
Episode 3: At The Park

Peter often asked Peter’s older brother, Michael, questions, too. 

One day they were playing at the park, and Peter asked: “How come all parks have slides, but not all of them have see-saws?”  
Michael said that slides lasted longer, and more kids like them.

Peter asked, “How come some playgrounds are big, and others are small?”

Michael told Peter that they cost a lot of money, and not all areas can pay for them.

Peter asked, “Why can’t I do the monkey bars, and you can?”


Michael said it takes a lot of hand and arm strength to do the monkey bars, and Peter will be strong enough, when Peter is Michael’s age.


Peter and Michael had played with everything, and now they were getting hungry. It was time to go home.


multiple: Common
listen: Common
p a r k
listen: Common
P e t e r
listen: Common
d a y
listen: Common
w e r e
listen: Common
a l l
listen: Common
m o n e y
listen: Common
p a y
listen: Common
b a r s

1. Who was at the park with Peter? 
  a) Peter’s mom 
  b) Peter’s dad 
c) Peter’s brother Michael 

2. Do kids like slides or see-saws better? 
a) slides 
  b) see-saws 

3. Why can Michael do the monkey bars and Peter can’t? 
a) Peter is too old for the monkey bars. 
b) Michael is bigger and stronger. 

4. Why did Michael and Peter go home?  
  a) They were bored at the park. 
b) They were hungry for lunch. 

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