How Come? 
Episode 4: In The Woods

Peter, and Peter’s dad, were walking together in the woods.

Peter asked, “How come most of the trees live in the woods.”

Peter’s dad said that there used to be trees everywhere, but that many were cut down to make room for houses and stores. Also, they help to make stuff like paper and pencils.

Peter asked, “Is that why there aren’t any monkeys around here? Because their banana trees were cut down?”

Peter’s dad said, “No. Monkeys never lived around here. But another animal left when the trees were cut down, the lion.” 

Peter next asked, “How come some people go fishing in the woods, and other people buy fish at the store?”




Peter’s dad told Peter that some people love to catch fish. But not everyone does.

Peter asked, “Can we catch fish?”  Peter’s dad promised that they would go fishing next Monday.


Peter was so excited that they went home to tell their family.


multiple: Schwa
listen: Schwa
C o m e

listen: Schwa
P e n c i l

listen: Schwa
B a n a n a

listen: Schwa
A n i m a l

listen: Schwa
L i o n

listen: Schwa
L o v e

listen: Schwa
S o m e

listen: Schwa
P r o m i s e d

listen: Schwa
F a m i l y

1. Where did Peter and Dad go walking? 
    a) at the playground 
    b) in the woods 

2. Why are most of the trees in the woods? 
    a) because trees in other places were cut down to make room for houses and stores 
    b) they wouldn’t grow anyplace else 

3. Trees can be used to make things like 
    a) cars and airplanes 
    b) cats and dogs 
c) pencils and paper 

4. What does Dad promise Peter? 
    a) that they can go fishing 
    b) that they can go to a baseball game 
    c) that they can go to the park 

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