How Come?
Episode 5: In The Kitchen

Peter was feeling hungry, and he walked into the kitchen. Peter’s mom was cooking dinner. Peter wondered what she was fixing. 

Peter’s mom said, “Hi Peter! You can help me, but first, go wash the dirt off of your hands.”  
  After Peter got washed up, Peter’s mom said, “Please get me the red colored onion from the fridge”.

Peter asked, “How come you are using those onions, since they make me burp?”

Peter’s mom said,  “Don’t worry.  They are for your sister, who likes them on her burgers.”

Next, mom asked Peter to pour milk into glasses for everyone but Michael.


Peter asked, “How come Michael doesn’t ever drink milk, like we do?”

Mom told Peter that some people have an allergy to milk that makes them sick.


Peter asked, “Is that why some people can’t eat peanut butter, and some can’t eat custard?”



Mom told Peter that different people can have allergies to different things.

As they sat down to eat, Peter asked, “Can I have some chocolate syrup in my milk?”


multiple: Rotated R
listen: Rotated R
F i r s t
listen: Rotated R
D i r t
listen: Rotated R
C o l o r e d
listen: Rotated R
B u r p

listen: Rotated R
S i s t e r
listen: Rotated R
H e r
listen: Rotated R
B u r g e r s
listen: Rotated R
E v e r y o n e
listen: Rotated R
E v e r

listen: Rotated R
C u s t a r d
listen: Rotated R
S y r u p

1. What was Peter’s mom doing in the kitchen? 
    a) making lunch 
    b) cleaning up 

c) making dinner 

2. What did Peter’s mom want Peter to get from the fridge?  
    a) eggs 
    b) mild 

    c) a red onion 

3. Who were the onions for? 
    a) Peter’s sister 
    b) Peter’s dad 
    c) Peter 

4. Why doesn’t Michael drink milk?  
    a) he is allergic to milk 
    b) he doesn’t like milk 
c) he likes to drink soda 

5. What did Peter want in his milk? 
    a) a straw 
b) chocolate syrup 


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