How Come?
Episode 6: At the Zoo

Peter was on a field trip to the Zoo.


Peter asked, “How come the animals here don’t live outside the zoo?”


Peter’s teacher said that the animals here are from places that are really hot or cold, where there is different food, but the zoo gives the animals what they need.


Peter asked, “How come the lizards and spiders don’t all live together?”


Peter’s teacher answered some of the animals would hurt each other.


Peter asked, “How come that big lion has lots of hair and others don’t?”


Peter’s teacher said that kind of lion hair is called a mane, and boy lions get them to make girl lions like them.


Peter asked, “How come giraffes are so tall?”


Peter’s teacher said it was because they can reach food high in trees and also like lion manes, it makes girl giraffes like them.

Peter’s teacher, “Hey Ben and Sally, do you have any questions about the zoo?”

1. Where did Peter go on a field trip? 
    a) to the lake to fish 
    b) to the zoo 


2. Why do some animals live at the zoo? 
    a) because they are from different places far away and need special temperatures and special food to live 
b) they all like to live together in the same place. 

3. Why don’t lizards and spiders live together? 
    a) lizards and spiders like to live with other animals  
    b) they might hurt each other 

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