1st Time: Getting Started 

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If you are an educator, parent, caregiver, volunteer, or anyone helping someone else learn to read, or improve their reading, please visit Steward Resources. If you are a school librarian, please visit School Libraries. If you are a public library librarian, please visit Public Libraries.

Welcome to a completely new way to learn to read, or improve how well you read! There are a few important things to do to get started.


First, please take a few moments to read (or listen to) this page: how to use the PQ App. 


Next, please click on the “Help and Settings Button” (located at the top right corner of this page). Notice that you can use it to change my voice, to access the Library, and to access the Help Center. The “Help and Settings Button” is always available when you are on this site. The “Back Arrow” button in the top left corner is also always available.  Clicking it will take you to the last page you were on (before the current page).

Once you are familiar with using the PQ App and the two upper buttons, look through the library for things you might like to read. The PQ app will be there to help you with every word, in every story, and in every article, in the library. At the top of the library page you will see a menu organized by difficulty levels (Pre-K through Adult). Click the one you want to explore, and then click a link on that page to open a story or article that interests you. 


This is the PQ hint button. Clicking it will tell you about the PQs you should pay attention to within the “stop and read” words on the page you are visiting. 

The purpose of this site is to teach you how to use the PQ App so that you can use it on other pages around the web.  If you are using the Chrome browser with a Windows or Mac laptop, or a Chromebook, we strongly recommend that you install the PQ App. Once you install the PQ App on your device, you can go to almost any page on the web, and the PQ App will be there to help you with every word on it. To install the Chrome browser extension, click the following button: