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Andy’s Week (Boy)
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Elisa’s Week (Girl) 
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Single  Stories:


The Perfect Burger

The First Snow

The Secret Weapon


Book Excerpts:

Princess Bella & the Dragon’s Charm Song of the Moon Salt Mandrake’s Plot Martha and Mitch

Blue Sky Pearl The Great Forest Caper The First Skirmish Aftermath
Freedom’s Dragonflight A Child’s Book of Riddles      

Single Stories:
Once Your Brain Learns to Read

President Barack Obama

The Shepherd Boy and the Wolf The Adventures Of Isabel

A Halloween Story  My Garden (A Poem)

 Being Left-Handed  

Moving with Machines 

The Birth of the Blues Acorns on the Moon?   New World Vegetables Bet you didn’t know: Watches

The Need For Power  What Is A Fish?
The Dentist and the Crocodile
The Tomato

Bringing Home the Fossils


Racing with Sparky

Hatching A Butterfly