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WORDS 1-25
a, alland, are, at, but, can, for, have, I, in, is, it, me, my, of,

on, said, the, they, to, up, we, with, you.

 The word is, “a.” 
 I see a boy taking his dog for a walk

 Can I please have a glass of water? 


  The word is, “all.  
  Look, I found all of these coins. 
  In their family, they all have red hair.  


 The word is, “and.” 
 The U.S. flag is red, white, and blue. 
  Please pass the salt and pepper.    

 The word is, “are.” 
  Are you five, six, or seven years old? 
 We are going to the zoo today. 


 The word is, “at.” 
 My Mom is at the grocery store. 
 What did you see at the movies today? 


 The word is, “but.” 
 I’m full, but I’d like some dessert! 
  You scared me, but it was still funny. 


 The word is, “can.” 
 I can throw the ball to second base. 
 Can you please open the door for me? 


 The word is, “for.” 
  For now, I have had plenty to eat. 
 That new toy is for my cat to play with. 


 The word is, “have.” 
 What do you have in your left hand? 
 I have the best dog in the world. 


 The word is, “I.” 
 What did you think I meant? 
 I wish that I could do magic tricks. 

 The word is, “in.” 
 Our cat is hiding in the closet. 
 You should come in, out of the rain.  

 The word is, “is.” 
 What kind of bug is that? 
 All I want for Christmas is a puppy. 

 The word is, “it.” 
 I don’t know what kind of fish it is. 
 Is it okay to go outside and play? 

 The word is, “me.” 
 Is that really me in that photo? 
 Will you throw the ball to me

 The word is, “my.” 
 That’s my blue coat. 
  My dad’s birthday is today. 

 The word is, “of.” 

 I can’t think of a good answer to that. 
 Of all the people I know, you’re the best. 

 The word is, “on.” 
 I left my glasses on the kitchen table. 
  Please put on a coat before you go out. 

 The word is, “said.” 
 Didn’t you hear what I said
 She said, “I’d like some ice cream.” 

 The word is, “the.” 
 I’m on the last page of this book. 
 Can you please hand me the pepper? 

 The word is, “they.” 

 Do you know where they went? 
 I heard that they bought a new car.

 The word is, “to.” 
 Our class is going to the zoo tomorrow. 
 I hope that we will fly to Mars some day. 

 The word is, “up.” 
 Put that high up so the cat can’t get it. 
 He kicked the ball way up in the air. 
 The word is, “we.” 
 Do you think we will get there in time? 
 We are going out to dinner tonight.

 The word is, “with.” 
 Who is that walking with her? 
 I want some ketchup with my fries.


 The word is, “you.” 
 Why don’t you rest for a few minutes? 
 You won’t believe what I just saw!” 





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WORDS 26-50
big, come, do, down, get, go, he, like, little, no, not, one, out,

see, she, so, some, that, then, this, too, was, went, what, will

 The word is, “big.” 
 You surely have one big cat! 
 Can I have a big slice of pie? 
 The word is, “come.” 
 Can you come over to play? 
  Come here, let me see how tall you are. 

 The word is, “do.” 
 What do you want to eat? 
 Do you know what time it is? 
 The word is, “down.” 
 I’m about to come down the stairs. 
 Please get down from there.

 The word is, “get.” 
 Can you go out and get the mail? 
 Be careful not to get in trouble.


 The word is, “go.” 
 Can you go out to get the newspaper? 
 I have to go to the grocery store.   

 The word is, “he.” 
 What is he doing right now? 
 I bet he would like some more milk. 

 The word is, “like.” 
 I really like cheese on my apple pie. 
 I think you’ll like this new recipe. 

 The word is, “little.” 
 I’d like a little sugar in my coffee. 
 My shoes are too little for my feet. 

 The word is, “no.” 
 There is no way that I’ll finish it today. 
 There are no onions in the fridge. 

 The word is, “not.” 
 It’s not time for bed, is it? 
 That’s not what I asked you to do. 

 The word is, “one.” 

 I’d love one more cookie, please. 
 Which one of you wants to go first? 


 The word is, “out.” 
 Please get the butter out of the fridge. 
 I have to go out of town on a trip. 


 The word is, “see.” 
 I see better with my new glasses. 
  Tell me what you see outside. 


 The word is, “she.” 
 She has a twin sister. 
 I’m curious about what she told you. 


 The word is, “so.” 
 I’m so cold that I need to go inside. 
  I stubbed my toe, and it hurts so much. 


 The word is, “some.” 
 Can I have some ice cream? 
 There’s got to be some way to do this. 

 The word is, “that.” 

 Does that sound right to you? 
  I know, you warned me about that

 The word is, “then.” 
 Count to 100, then try to find me. 
 Run five laps, then do twenty push-ups. 

 The word is, “this.” 

 Can you help me move this table? 
  This is the best dinner I’ve ever had. 


 The word is, “too.” 
 This soup is still too hot to eat. 
 I really like Star Wars, too


 The word is, “was.” 
 Who was that you were talking to? 
 Yesterday was my birthday. 


 The word is, “went.” 
 Dad went to the hardware store. 
 Last summer we went to Disney World. 


 The word is, “what.” 
 I wonder what she is thinking right. 
 I think what you need is a long nap. 


 The word is, “will.” 
 My friend Bill has a brother named Will
 Will you help me pick this up, please?