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WORDS 51-75
an, back, be, came, day, did, dog, eat, from, got, had, her, here, his,

into, just, look, make, mom, now, put, there, very, when, your


 The word is, “an.” 
 Is that an ant in your soup? 

 I’d like an apple for a snack. 


 The word is, “back.” 
 Can I call you right back
 Why don’t you sit in the back seat? 

 The word is, “be.” 
 When are you going to be done? 
 Please be nice to your cousin. 

 The word is, “came.” 
 Dad came home early today. 
 He came to be known as a hero. 

 The word is, “day.” 
 What day is your birthday on? 
 Some day humans will go to Mars. 

 The word is, “did.” 
 What did you do at school today? 
 I did not hear you very well. 

 The word is, “dog.” 
 My dog has fleas. 
 Why is your dog barking so loud? 


  The word is, “eat.” 
 I’m so hungry I could eat a horse. 
 What do you want to eat for lunch? 

 The word is, “from.” 
 Where did that snake come from
 His family is from New York. 

 The word is, “got.” 
 It got really cold last night. 
 I got great presents for Christmas. 

 The word is, “had.” 
 I had fried chicken for lunch. 
 I think dad had a bad day at work. 

 The word is, “her.” 
 I think her test grade was an A. 
 Do you know her brother Sam? 

 The word is, “here.” 
 Your keys are right over here
 Can you come here to help me? 

 The word is, “his.” 
 Both of his parents are doctors. 
 His sister is on the basketball team. 


  The word is, “into.” 
 My cat is always getting into trouble. 
 Go ahead and get into the car. 


  The word is, “just.” 
 Please wait just a minute. 
 These shoes are just the right size. 

 The word is, “look.” 
 I look wild, with my messy hair. 
 Look in there to see if we have milk. 

 The word is, “make.” 
 Can you please make up your bed? 
 I am not going to make fun of you. 

 The word is, “mom.” 
 My mom is a great cook. 
 Is that mom, there with Mrs. Day? 


  The word is, “now.” 
 Now it’s time to wash the dishes. 
 Please finish your chores, right now


  The word is, “put.” 
 Let’s put the new lamp right here. 
 How do you put up with that noise? 


  The word is, “there.” 
 I think my gloves are over there
 I hope there aren’t any spiders here. 

 The word is, “very.” 
 I am very pleased to meet you. 
 After that big dinner, I am very full. 

 The word is, “when.” 
 Let me know when you are ready. 
 I can’t remember when they’ll come. 

 The word is, “your.” 
 Is that your bike next to the stairs? 
 What is your name, again?       




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WORDS 76-100

am, as, away, by, cat, dad, going, good, has, help, home, house, how, long,
made, or, over, red, saw, them, time, tree, two, waterwhere

 The word is, “am.” 
 I am going outside to ride my bike. 
 I am almost over my cold. 
  The word is, “as.” 
 It’s as cold as ice out there. 
 He’s as busy as a beaver. 

 The word is, “away.” 
 I won’t be away for long. 
 That bird flew here from far away
  The word is, “by.” 
 Are those my glasses by the sink? 
 By the time you wake up, I’ll be at work. 
  The word is, “cat.” 
 My cat has really sharp claws. 
 I don’t know what kind of cat that is. 

 The word is, “dad.” 
 My dad loves to go fishing. 
 Did you know her dad is a Principal? 

 The word is, “going.” 
 I’m going to the library for some books. 
 Please watch out where you’re going

 The word is,”good.” 
 That was a really good burger. 
 It’s a good thing I saw it coming. 

 The word is, “has.” 
 How has he been the last few weeks? 
 I think she has just lost a tooth. 

 The word is, “help.” 
 Can you help me lift this heavy box? 
 I just couldn’t help myself. 

 The word is, “home.” 
 It’s late now, and I have to go home
 I hit a home run in the baseball game. 

 The word is, “house.” 
 My pet cat sleeps in a dog house
 The house next door is being painted. 

 The word is, “how.” 
 I can show you how to do that. 
 How come I can’t have some candy? 

 The word is, “long.” 
 It’s been a long time since we saw them. 
  First, draw a long line on your paper. 

 The word is, “made.” 
 I made this for your birthday, Mom. 
 I was happy that she had made her bed. 

 The word is, “or.” 
 Would you like cake or a cookie? 
 We could play cards or a board game. 

 The word is, “over.” 
 Put a blanket over your bedspread. 
 I told him over and over again. 
  The word is, “red.” 
 He’s so mad he’s red in the face. 
 Little Red Riding Hood is a scary story. 

 The word is, “saw.” 
 I thought I saw Santa and his reindeer. 
 We have to saw down this dead tree. 

 The word is, “them.” 
 I saw them at the bus stop yesterday. 
 Can you take this back over to them

 The word is, “time.” 
 It’s about time that we got that done. 
 Can you tell me what time it is? 

 The word is, “tree.” 
 My poor cat is stuck up in a tree
 I have no idea what kind of tree that is. 

 The word is, “two.” 
 Her baby brother just turned two
 I’d like two fried eggs, please. 
  The word is, “water.” 
 Wow, that lake water is freezing. 
 Please fill up the dog’s water bowl. 

 The word is, “where.” 
  Just where do you think you’re going? 
 I can’t remember where I put my wallet.